Top Documents of the Week

  1. PowerPoint - How to compress/reduce file size
  2. Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook for Mac
  3. Clearing Outlook Credentials (Resolve Disconnected Issues)
  4. How to Set Up and Grade Extra Credit on a Canvas Quiz
  5. Printing & Saving Hard Copies of Canvas Quizzes
  6. How to Uninstall & Reinstall a Program (Windows 10)
  7. How to Update the Drivers on a Dell Docking Station
  8. MS Project Professional - Download/Installation Instructions
  9. How to Remove and re-add an Exchange account from iOS devices
  10. Honorlock Troubleshooting
  11. Duplicating a Quiz into a Different Canvas Course
  12. MS Teams - How to Add an RSS feed to a MS Teams Channel
  13. How to Setup a Zoom Meeting with No End Date
  14. Help! My Canvas Course Dashboard won't load!
  15. Canvas - Creating and Replying to Discussions
  16. How to Add the Zoom for Outlook add-in to Outlook
  17. UW-Parkside Discounted Software - OnTheHub
  18. SharePoint Online - How to Allow Embedding External Domains
  19. Canvas Quiz Time Constraints
  20. Screen Sharing Issues related to Security and Privacy Settings on Mac OS Catalina
  21. Canvas - How to Submit a Video or Audio Assignment
  22. How to disable pop-up blockers in a variety of browsers
  23. How to Enroll and Authenticate with DUO Mobile
  24. SharePoint Online - Enable & Configure Versioning for a List or Library
  25. Canvas - Groups vs. Sections
  26. Canvas & Online Student Resources
  27. How to Install Office 365 on a Windows PC
  28. How to Manually Connect to Eduroam on Windows 10/11
  29. Setting Up Honorlock
  30. How to Add a Shared Mailbox to Outlook
  31. Microsoft Tools & Virtual Lab Information
  32. How to print to a campus paid printer from a Mac laptop
  33. How to use Kaltura for Canvas Assignments
  34. Using Honorlock with the New Quiz Tool in Canvas
  35. Using Honorlock in Incognito Mode
  36. How to Play/Share an MS Teams Meeting Recording
  37. Connecting to the UWP Virtual Windows Desktop
  38. VPN - Updating the GlobalProtect Client
  39. Canvas - NetTutor
  40. How to enable the Media Gallery in a Canvas Course
  41. Canvas - FAQ's & Important Information
  42. Qualtrics - From A to Z
  43. TechBar - How to send a delayed email in Outlook & Outlook 365 online (rangermail)
  44. SharePoint Online - How to Create a SharePoint Site
  45. PowerPoint - How to record a slide show in PowerPoint
  46. Turnitin Draft Coach - Writing tool for Students
  47. How to Access the UW-Parkside Virtual Computer Lab
  48. SOLAR - How can I find my Solar ID
  49. Help! I can't find my course in Canvas!
  50. How to Reactivate DUO Mobile
  51. Outages & Service Status
  52. Navigate – Filing a Progress Report Campaign from Professor Home
  53. How to View & Enable/Disable Outlook Notifications
  54. Microsoft Excel - Ribbon Shortcuts
  55. Zoom - How to Sign In to Zoom at UW-Parkside
  56. Navigate - Filing a Progress Report Campaign from Email
  57. Mendeley Cite - Citation Tool for Students
  58. Technology Equipped Classrooms & Labs - Fall 2022/2023
  59. Tech Bar - How to set Outlook desktop to always online mode
  60. GlobalProtect VPN - Windows
  61. ResNet - How to connect to Resnet in the Residence Halls
  62. DUO Management Portal Instructions for UWP Students
  63. Turnitin - How to Interpret the Similarity Score
  64. Veterans Services - GI Bill Frequently Asked Questions
  65. Zoom - Sharing & Downloading Recordings
  66. Microsoft Teams - Quick Start Guide
  67. NetTutor - Paper Center
  68. Embedding Images in Canvas from OneDrive or Other External Sources
  69. Transitioning from a Personal Zoom Account into the UW System Zoom License
  70. Zoom - Access and Login Instructions
  71. Safari (Windows 10)
  72. Vendor Accessibility Statements
  73. PowerPoint - How to record a PowerPoint slide show with Kaltura Capture
  74. Online Course Evaluation Email Notification Templates
  75. CommonSpot: How to Edit a Page (Basics)
  76. Downloading Zoom Recordings from Canvas
  77. Launching a Third-Party Quiz with Honorlock Enabled
  78. Canvas: Preparing Courses for the Start of the Semester
  79. Qualtrics Service Status
  80. Canvas - Course Dashboard Not Updating
  81. CIM Form FAQ
  82. Getting Started with Zoom in Canvas
  83. Creating & Scanning a Printable Bubble Sheet in Akindi
  84. Denial‐of‐service attack (DOS)
  85. CommonSpot: How to Use the Rich Text Editor
  86. How to prepare your technology for the start of the semester
  87. Website Outage - Campus Applications/Access
  88. Canvas - Zoom FAQ''s
  89. Enrollment Issue: Solar enrollments not populating in Canvas [Canvas Admin]
  90. Canvas - Setting Course Availability & Visibility
  91. Canvas Service Status
  92. CommonSpot: How to Copy and Paste Elements
  93. SharePoint Online - Move or Copy Files
  94. Extending Student Time and Granting Additional Attempts on a Canvas Quiz
  95. SOLAR - How to check grades in SOLAR
  96. Help Desk-Adding a Network Printer
  97. CommonSpot: How to Create Internal and External Links
  98. eduroam - How to connect to eduroam on an Android Device
  99. Blue Course Evaluations - User Types
  100. Adding Akindi to a Canvas Course
  101. How do I sign into the Canvas Mobile app with a QR code?
  102. Opera (Mac OSX)
  103. Zoom - How to Allow Livestreaming of Meetings on YouTube
  104. Qualtrics - Using Workflows
  105. Jabber - For Mac Quick Start Guide
  106. SharePoint Online - How to move a file from SharePoint to OneDrive
  107. How to uninstall Cisco WebEx
  108. How to Clear Cache and Saved Passwords from Every Browser (Windows 10 & MacOS)
  109. Technology Requirements for Online Courses
  110. Classroom Doc Cam Controls

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