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Okta FastPass Setup

This article contains instructions on how to: clear your browser cache and cookies, update your browser to its latest version, and enable Okta FastPass as a multi-factor authentication option on a specific device.

About Fast Pass

Okta Fast Pass provides password-less authentication to apps in Okta. The solution is supported on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices, from any approved location or network.  

After the one-time registration (regardless of where the user is located), the user has password-less access to all resources in Okta. It does not require devices to be on a campus network. Okta FastPass has no requirements for AD (Active Directory), other user-directories, or specific end-point management tools. 

Once a device is registered, the user is not prompted for a username or password when they try to log into their Okta apps. The password-less experience is controlled by the Global Session and authentication policies configured by administrators.  

Okta Verify estimates your location based on the IP address of your device. This may reflect the network your device is connected to instead of your actual location. Location estimates are usually more accurate when devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network than when connected to a cellular network. 

NOTE: If you think someone else is trying to sign into your account, tap No, it’s not me to deny the sign-in attempt. In this case, consider changing your password and contacting the CTS Help Desk at (262) 595-2444 immediately. 


  1. You are enrolled in Okta  
  2. You have a useable authenticator assigned to your account.
  3. Your devices (computer and phone) meet or exceed compatible operating system minimums (Windows 10, macOS 11, iOS 16, or Android 9 or later versions)
  4. Your browser is up to date 
  5. The Okta Verify app is downloaded or able to be downloaded to the computer on which you are intending to use Okta FastPass (All UW-Parkside computers will have the Okta Verify desktop application downloaded)  

NOTE: Okta FastPass only works as an authentication method on the individual device it is set up on. Any additional devices will each need to be set up independently. 


  1. Clear the browser cache and cookies

    Begin by opening your preferred web browser window. Once open, hold "Ctrl" (Control) and "Shift", then press the "Del" (Delete) key. 

    Next, check the box next to both the cookies and cache options and click the Clear Data or Clear Now button  






  2. Update your browser to its latest version

    You can navigate directly to update the browser by following the appropriate instructions below 

    NOTE: If you receive a message saying you need to relaunch the browser, do so. If this repeats, close all other instances of the browser and try again.

    Google Chrome

    Open the Browser

    Hold “Alt" and Press "F” 

    Or click the three dots in the top right corner to open the drop down menu

    Mouse over (move your cursor arrow on top of) "Help" and click "About Google Chrome"

    The browser will begin updating automatically

    Or by keyboard only: Hold "Alt" & Press "F", Hold "Shift" & Press "E", Hold "Shift" & Press "E" a second time, Press the "right arrow", Press "G"

    Microsoft Edge

    Open the Browser

    Hold “Alt" and Press "F”

    Or click the three dots in the top right corner to open the drop down menu

    Mouse over (move your cursor arrow on top of) "Help and feedback" and click "About Microsoft Edge" 

    The browser will begin updating automatically

    Or by keyboard only: Hold "Alt" & Press "F", Press "B", Press "M"

    Mozilla Firefox

    Open the Browser 

    Hold "Alt" and Press "H"

    Notice the drop down menu

    Press "A"

    The browser will begin updating automatically

    The check mark will appear when the update is complete

    Or by keyboard only: Hold "Alt" and Press "H", Press "A"

    Each browser will update automatically on completion of this step. The browser may require a restart/relaunch for the update to take effect.

  3. Download Okta Verify app, open it, and click Get Started on the device you want Okta FastPass on.

     |Windows installer| |Mac installer| |Okta Verify for iPhone.| |Okta Verify for Android| 

    If you are not seeing this, call the CTS TechBar at (262) 595-2444 to reset your authenticator for the device. Then, uninstall and reinstall the app

  4. Click Next to begin the authentication process

    This is extremely important: do NOT attempt to do this without an authentication method registered to your account.

  5. Enter “” under New Account and click next to open the browser to continue the setup process 

    If your entry disappears, clear your browser cache, cookies, and search history (the browser may be attempting to pull information from previous sessions, searches, or sites visited rather than the current data you are entering)

  6. Enter your username and password in the browser window or tab that pops up

  7. Select your security method to authenticate and finish the setup.  

    NOTE: Okta FastPass will not work yet as an authenticator because you have not finished setting it up.

  8. The browser will display this message when your identity is verified. Nothing else is required from the browser.

  9. In the Okta Verify app window, click Skip.  

    UW-Parkside CTS does not support biometric authentication methods

  10. When your account has been added successfully to the Okta Verify app, you will see it listed on the accounts page when you open the Okta Verify app on that device. 



The accounts window of the Okta Verify app after the successful addition of an account. 




Example of an app time-out 

Okta Verify is a time-sensitive application and Okta Fast Pass even more so. If the Okta servers detect something unusual during the verification process or the process itself is taking to long, it will time-out. This can happen if:

  1. Your browser is out of date 
  2. Your cache and cookies files have incorrect data stored
  3. You are attempting to use Okta Fast Pass without having completed the set up process


Authenticator or Removal Error

If you have an authenticator error, you will receive an error notification next to your account name when you open the Okta Verify App


Example of an account with an authenticator error 


 If the authenticators on your account have been reset for a device that has FastPass enabled, you will have the option to re-enroll the device then next time you click on your account name. Re-enrollment will use the same process you followed during your initial Fast Pass enrollment on the device.



Remove Okta FastPass from your account

You can also remove the registration of the device from your account entirely via the Okta Verify desktop app...

...or directly from the security methods section of your accounts page on your Okta dashboard.

Spinning or Hanging

Screenshot of Okta Verify hanging

Okta verify is hanging (i.e. not proceeding with identification)

This happens when there are multiple instances of Okta Verify attempting to verify each other or Okta is trying to use a method that is not assigned to the account. 

There may be a pop-up window waiting for you to confirm that you are signing on. If there is no pop up, close any other instance of Okta Verify and try again. 

If this is the only instance of Okta Verify running, you may need to simply restart your computer (especially if you have made changes recently). 


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