Top Documents of the Week

  1. Clearing Outlook Credentials (Resolve Disconnected Issues)
  2. How to open an SPSS data file using Windows 10
  3. How to Uninstall & Reinstall a Program (Windows 10)
  4. Duplicating a Quiz Either Within a Canvas Course or to a Different Canvas Course
  5. How to Update the Drivers on a Dell Docking Station
  6. How to Set Up and Grade Extra Credit on a Canvas Quiz
  7. Honorlock Troubleshooting
  8. How to disable pop-up blockers in a variety of browsers
  9. CANVAS - How to add an Office 365 PowerPoint file to a Canvas course
  10. VPN - Updating the GlobalProtect Client
  11. Canvas - How to Submit a Video or Audio Assignment
  12. Embedding Images in Canvas from OneDrive or Other External Sources
  13. Canvas Quiz Time Constraints
  14. Zoom - Student Group Recordings
  15. Launching a Third-Party Quiz with Honorlock Enabled
  16. Screen Sharing Issues related to Security and Privacy Settings on Mac OS Catalina
  17. Copyrighted Media in Yuja Livestreams
  18. How to print to a campus paid printer from a Mac laptop
  19. Campus Outages
  20. Using Honorlock with the New Quiz Tool in Canvas
  21. Canvas - FAQ's & Important Information
  22. eduroam - Configure a wireless connection for Windows 8.1 And Windows 10
  23. Apple Device - How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac
  24. Canvas - Access Denied Error
  25. How to Clear Cache and Saved Passwords from Every Browser (Windows 10 & MacOS)

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