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YuJa Classroom Policies and Class Cancellation Procedures

This article provides additional details regarding the usage of YuJa in classrooms and how class cancellations affect scheduled YuJa streams. A majority of this information can be found on signs posted in the classrooms that can support scheduled YuJa broadcasts.

YuJa Classroom Privacy

Classroom Technology Disclaimer

Please note that at the instructor’s discretion, lectures and class sessions held in certain lecture halls may be livestreamed and/or recorded and made available to students registered for the class. The use of live streaming and lecture capture is intended to supplement the classroom experience solely for the benefit of students registered in the class. UW-Parkside prohibits faculty, staff and students from copying, distributing, or using lecture capture recordings for any other purpose; violation of this prohibition may be grounds for UW-Parkside to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

A class being hosted in a webcam-equipped classroom does not imply that the class is being broadcast over YuJa. However, the instructor may have the option to request scheduled YuJa broadcasts for individual class sessions or all class sessions throughout that semester. Any classes that are recorded/livestreamed will not be available for public viewing. Any livestreams or recordings are explicitly meant for use by the instructor and the students enrolled in that class.

Sharing Sensitive Information in YuJa Classrooms

YuJa recordings will only be captured during class periods as requested by the instructor. These webcam systems do not record anything in-between these class periods, nor do they record any classes that haven't been requested by the instructor. However, keep in mind that scheduled YuJa broadcasts usually start two minutes before the scheduled class period, and will likewise end two minutes after class. Additionally, scheduled YuJa broadcasts may still be active in an empty classroom if there was originally a class recording planned for that room during that time frame (as detailed below). Instructors can delete YuJa recordings and trim sections out if any sensitive conversations were picked up on a broadcast, but this is still something to be conscious of in these classrooms.

Class Cancellation Procedures

Weather Emergencies or Campus-Wide Class Cancellation

If all university classes are cancelled for a period of time, all scheduled YuJa broadcasts will be halted until classes resume like normal. If you wish to record a supplementary class during this period, you can record the class session with a web meeting tool such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. Instructions on how to enable a classroom's webcam for non-YuJa use can be found at the following Knowledgebase page: Enabling Classroom Webcams for Non-YuJa Applications

Individual Class Cancellations

If an individual class session is cancelled or moved to a different location, any previously scheduled YuJa broadcast during that time will still be carried out like usual in that classroom. Instructors have the ability to delete these recordings after the scheduled class period ends.

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