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Honorlock Troubleshooting

As with all technology and services, students may experience the occasional error while trying to initiate Honorlock for a quiz. Here are some of the most commonly reported issues and how to fix them. Most problems can be fixed within a couple of clicks.

Stuck at Password Screen

Honorlock protects the quiz by adding its own password in the Canvas quiz settings. If the Honorlock extension is running, it should bypass the password screen entirely. However, on rare occasion it may get stuck at the password page even if Honorlock is correctly running. If this happens, you can fix the error by loading the quiz in Chrome's incognito mode since it forces the browser to download a fresh copy of the webpage.  You will first have to give Honorlock the permission to run in incognito mode since Chrome extensions cannot do that by default. For a guide on this process and to learn more about this error, see this Knowledgebase page: Using Honorlock in Incognito Mode. Alternatively, you can clear your browser cache to achieve the same result.

-1 Tabs Error
Upon launching the quiz, Honorlock will ask you to close your other browser tabs. If it tells tells you that there are -1 tabs left to close, this results from Honorlock not being given the proper permissions in Google Chrome. Visit Honorlock's Knowledgebase to learn more and see the steps to fixing this error.

Hardware Error
If Honorlock gives you a "Hardware Error," then there are a few potential causes. This usually stems from permission issues regarding Google Chrome's access to your webcam. Honorlock's support site provides the steps to checking your Google Chrome webcam permissions, but it is also possible for your webcam access to be entirely blocked at the system level on your device. This generally doesn't happen unless you manually disabled the webcam yourself in the hardware settings, but it may be something to look into if the problem persists after ensuring that Chrome has the proper webcam permissions.

Incompatible Hardware
Honorlock is a Google Chrome extension designed for use on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers. It is not possible to use Honorlock on any other devices, and therefore Honorlock-enabled quizzes cannot be taken on other devices such as tablets and smartphones. This is why we highly recommend that every course using Honorlock should have a practice quiz active throughout the semester so that students can test out the Honorlock extension before needing it on a regular quiz/exam assignment. The system requirements for Honorlock can be found partway down on Honorlock's main support page

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