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Using Honorlock in Incognito Mode

This page shows how to use Honorlock in Google Chrome's incognito mode in the event that a student gets stuck at a quiz password screen despite properly running Honorlock.
When a student tries to begin an Honorlock-enabled quiz, they will get stuck at the Canvas quiz password screen if they do not have the Honorlock Google Chrome extension active. Enabling the Honorlock extension should automatically reload this page and initiate the Honorlock startup process, but on rare occasion this may not happen. If reloading the page doesn't bypass this password screen, it's usually due to the browser pulling a cached, outdated version of the page. There are multiple ways to force Chrome to download a new copy of a webpage, one of those methods being to use Incognito Mode.
  • Before trying the Incognito Mode trick, refresh the quiz page with the following keyboard shortcuts: Shift + F5 (on Windows and Chromebook) or Command + Shift + R (on Mac). This tells Chrome to refresh your current webpage while also ignoring the cached version that you already have saved. If this does not work, proceed with the following steps to allow Honorlock in Incognito Mode.

  • Click the ⋮ Options icon on the upper-right of your Google Chrome browser and navigate down to More Tools → Extensions

  • Click Details on the Honorlock pane (and make sure that the extension is switched on while you're at this screen)

  • Turn on the Allow in Incognito option 
    • Honorlock does not actively run unless you are in the process of taking an Honorlock-enabled Canvas quiz. Just like in normal browsing mode, Honorlock will not track your internet activity even if the user doesn't deactivate/delete it in-between quizzes. 
  • Open an Incognito window in one of the following ways:
    • Type Control + Shift + N (Windows) or Command + Shift + N (Mac)
    • Click the ⋮ More Options icon on the upper-right of your Google Chrome browser and select New Incognito Window near the top of this menu
    • Right-click your Google Chrome icon or the Chrome window on your Windows taskbar and select New Incognito Window from the menu

  • Go to your Canvas course and navigate to your quiz like you normally would. It should bring you straight to the Honorlock startup screen as intended instead of stopping you at the password screen

If this did not fix the problem, one possible alternative solution is to create a new Chrome profile and refresh the webpage. Once the quiz is completed, you can delete the new profile and switch back to your original Chrome profile. Details on how to create a new Chrome profile can be found here

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