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Setting Up Honorlock

Here are the steps to setting up Honorlock on a Canvas quiz.

1) Open the Honorlock page in your course.

If this is your first time using Honorlock in your course(s) and you don't see it on the course navigation list, email to have it added to your course. Once Honorlock has been added to your course, it will transfer along with the rest of the course content whenever you export it in future semesters/sandboxes. 

Go to the Honorlock page by clicking the link in your course navigation bar on the left side of your screen

2) Find the quiz and click the Enable button.

After Honorlock gets enabled on a quiz, the Enable button will be replaced with Results and Settings buttons.

Locate the quiz and click Enable

3) Select your settings and click Save at the bottom of the page.

The Proctoring Settings section determines which functions Honorlock will require for that quiz. The Student Guidelines doesn't have a direct impact on what happens during the quiz, but certain options such as Open Book Allowed may affect how strict the automated webcam proctoring is since students may need to lean partially out-of-frame to access their open book/notes/scratch paper. Descriptions of every setting can be found on the following Honorlock Knowledgebase entry: Using Honorlock With Canvas.

All these settings can be modified later even after the quiz is published and Honorlock enabled. To disable Honorlock from a quiz, come back to this Settings page and click Disable next to where you find the Save button.

The Save and Disable buttons can be found at the bottom-right of the quiz's Honorlock settings page

4) View proctoring results by clicking the Results button.

A guide for viewing Honorlock results can be found at this page from their Knowledgebase. Every student's submission gets a "risk" rating based on what Honorlock's automated proctoring system observed during the quiz. Please note that a high rating does not automatically indicate that a student cheated on their quiz, so you should open their session to determine why their submission was flagged. If you determine that a student has conducted academic misconduct, any disciplinary actions are yours to determine and carry out as Honorlock does not affect any student grades.


Quiz Compatibility
Honorlock only supports Canvas' Classic Quiz tool and third-party exams (to a limited extent) at this time. Honorlock can be used on New Quiz Tool assessments if absolutely necessary, but it needs to be handled like a third-party exam. Since the New Quiz tool is not officially supported at this time, it is advised that instructors avoid utilizing Honorlock on these quizzes. It can be done, but any errors in setup will prevent students from taking their quiz. 

Add a Practice Quiz
You should always keep a proctored practice quiz enabled throughout the duration of your course if you use Honorlock (or any other proctoring services). This lets students try out the proctoring software on their device before they need it for an actual quiz/exam. Be sure to leave the quiz open and allow for unlimited attempts in case a student needs to troubleshoot the software or if they switch devices during the semester. This will greatly decrease the likelihood of technical problems once an actual quiz comes along.

Honorlock can automatically create a three question practice quiz on its own by following these steps.

Copying Course Content
Honorlock will export along with the rest of your course content if you ever copy a course into a new course shell, whether it's a live course or sandbox. You will need to open the Honorlock page in the new course to verify whether or not you want to copy the proctoring settings from the previous course, but Honorlock should be ready to go after confirming that you want to keep the previous settings.

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