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Classroom Technology - Live Stream vs. Web Conference

This article contains a functional comparison of a live stream and a web conference.

Live Stream

Web Conference

Session Creation

CTS / scheduled by request.

Meeting manually created by host/instructor.


Predefined start/end time.

Instructor intervention not required. 

Session will start/end automatically.

Instructor required to set start/end time.

Instructor required to manually start/end the session.

Classroom System Power Requirement

Not required 


Login Requirement




Student access via Canvas or link provided by CTS

Student access via Canvas or link provided by instructor


Automatically recorded

Manually set by instructor



Chat, Video, Audio

Content Delivery

~10-15 second delay

Real time

Live streaming via YuJa

  • Live stream session scheduled/created upon request, by Campus Technology Services.
  • Link(s) provided by Campus Technology Services.
  • Login not required for host/instructor and participant/student
  • Predefined start/end time. Host/instructor intervention not required. 
  • Classroom equipment does not need to be powered on (podium control, computer, projector, etc.)
  • All live streams are automatically recorded
  • Remote viewers/participants may use the chat feature to communicate with the host location, however they do not have the ability to use audio (mic) or video (webcam) to do so.

Web conference via Zoom

  • Meeting scheduled/created by host/instructor.
  • Meeting host/instructor required to provide meeting link to remote participants
  • Login required for meeting host/instructor and participant/student 
  • Meeting host/instructor required to set meeting start and end time
  • Classroom equipment must be powered on and the Instructor needs to be logged into the classroom computer or connected laptop to manually start the web conference. 
  • Meeting has to be manually set up to auto-record by instructor.
  • Remote viewers/participants may use audio (mic), video (webcam), and/or chat to communicate with the meeting host.

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