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SharePoint Online - Document Library

This article focuses on SharePoint Online "Documents", which are stored in a special type of a SharePoint list called a "library". In this article you'll learn how to save, upload, manage and share your SharePoint Online "Documents".

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There are two types of collaborative content that can be stored in SharePoint. One type, is information or data stored in lists. Lists are like tables in Excel or in a database. This article focuses on documents, which are stored in a special type of a list called a Document Library

    Working in a Document Library

    The Document Library "Toolbar"

    Image of the SharePoint Online - Document Library Toolbar

    The + New button allows you to create a new Document or Link in the selected library.

    Image of SharePoint Document Library toolbar - "Add New" document or link menu

    Upload allows you to upload a File, Folder, or Template.

    Image of SharePoint Online Toobar - Upload File, Folder, or Template

    Edit in Grid View allows you to switch your view so that you can add information into selected fields, that same as you would in Excel. 

    GIF Image of the SharePoint Online - Edit in Grid View option

    *Sync which allows us to synchronize the library with another device, for example, a mobile device.

    Image of SharePoint Online Toolbar - Sync option

    Other items on the toolbar include adding a shortcut to OneDrive, exporting of document lists, and alert management.  

    * Difference between "Sync" and "Add shortcut to OneDrive"

    • For the Sync feature, you can sync your Microsoft SharePoint files (library) to a folder on your computer by the OneDrive client.(a different sync folder from OneDrive sync folder) This lets you work directly in File Explorer and access files even when you're offline. And when you go back online, any changes made to those files will sync automatically. For your reference: Sync SharePoint and Teams files with your computer.
    • For the Add shortcut to OneDrive feature in SharePoint, you can sync your Microsoft SharePoint files (library) to your OneDrive. You could access the SharePoint library in OneDrive directly. Also, if you use the OneDrive application, you could see the library folder in File Explorer. For your reference: Add shortcuts to shared folders in OneDrive.
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