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Embedding Images in Canvas from OneDrive or Other External Sources

These are the steps to embedding externally hosted images in the Canvas text editor. This specifically details how to do so from your OneDrive account.
Canvas users have a limited amount of personal storage space (that is not tied to a specific course), so one way to work around this cap is to store your images in an external website. Every UW user has a gigabyte of storage space on their OneDrive account, so this makes OneDrive a preferred and secure way to host your files. You can share the OneDrive text link to your image, or you can embed the image directly in a webpage by doing the following:

From OneDrive

1. Upload your image(s) to your OneDrive account or locate the image online you want to use.
You can access your OneDrive account through the UW-Parkside Logins page or through your RangerMail.

2. Open the full-size image that you want to embed by clicking on its thumbnail on your OneDrive page.
You'll want to open the full-size image first so you embed it at its highest quality instead of embedding the lower resolution thumbnail.

3. Click View Original on the toolbar at the top of the screen, then Copy the URL address in the new tab that opens with the picture in it. 
Click Open Original, then. copy the URL from the new browser tab that opens with the image.

4. Go to the page in Canvas where you want to embed the image. Click the spot in the text editor where you would like to place this image.
This requires a page with the rich text editor (the one with the formatting tools above it). Most text fields on Canvas use the rich text editor.

5. Click the Images icon, switch to the URL tab, and paste the image URL in the box that pops up.
Use the Attributes section to add alt text to the embedded image.
Click the Image icon in the text editor toolbar.
Switch to the URL tab and paste your image URL from step 3.

6. Click Submit at the bottom of this box to embed the image.

From Other External Websites

1. After locating the image, right-click the image and select Copy Image Address.
Wording may slightly vary depending on which web browser you use. Some websites may disable right-clicking or opening the image in its own tab.
Right lick the image and copy the image web address.

2. Follow Steps 4-6 from above.

Keep in mind that your image will be subject to any changes made on the original website. If they modify the picture's URL at all or delete the picture, then your embedded image will be broken on Canvas.

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