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Duplicating a Quiz into a Different Canvas Course

The following steps describe how to duplicate a Canvas quiz assignment into a different course.
NOTE: Canvas pushed an update that makes it so importing the same content into a course multiple times will just overwrite the content rather than creating multiple copies. Because of this, the method shown on this page can no longer be used to create a duplicate within the same course as the original quiz as it will just replace the original quiz rather than making an additional copy.

1. Open the 
Quizzes tab in your Canvas course.

2. Locate the quiz you wish to duplicate and click the  (Options) icon to the right. 

3. Select Copy To... from the dropdown menu.

4. Search for the course you want your quiz to be duplicated in to. 

Searching for the course title may give you multiple results without a way to identify which section/semester is which. In order to pinpoint the specific section of a course you want to copy to, you'll want to instead use the new course's URL number instead of searching by the name. You can find this six digit code in the URL of any page of a course, for example:

5. Click Copy to begin copying the quiz. The copying process normally takes less than one minute. You can check the status of the duplication process by going into the course's Settings page and opening the Import Course Content page on the right side.

6. Locate & Edit the new copy of your quiz to update its settings. You should be able to find it in the Quizzes page if the duplication was successful. It will be using the same exact settings as the original quiz EXCEPT for the assignment group. The copy will be categorized as "Imported Assignments" in the gradebook until you set it to its proper gradebook category (i.e., Quizzes, Exams, Weekly Homework). Note that if the original quiz was published, then this duplicate will already be published upon copying. Feel free to unpublish it until you finish making any necessary tweaks.

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