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Canvas - Add Non-Office 365 Files to Canvas from OneDrive

Canvas has an integration with Office 365 where you can embed Office 365 files from a OneDrive directly to a Canvas course. Unfortunately, the process isn't as integrated when it comes to attaching non-Office 365 files to a Canvas course from a OneDrive (png's, pdf's, jpeg's, etc.)

Canvas - Add Non-Office 365 Files to Canvas from OneDrive

Step 1: Have both your OneDrive and Canvas course open.

Step 2: Find the file you want to attach in your OneDrive and click on the Share icon located to the right of the file name.

click on share icon

Step 3: This will open a panel with a few different options. Click on the top button that reads "Anyone with the link can edit". We want to change that so no one can edit the document except for yourself.

anyone can edit button

Step 4: Uncheck the box that says "Allow Editing". This means that only you can edit the document. Then click on the blue Apply button.

allow editing

Step 5: After you've hit Apply, you should see that the text went from "Anyone with the link can edit" to "Anyone with the link can view". Now you can click on the Copy Link button.

copy link

Step 6: A panel will pop up with the link. Make sure the link is highlighted and click on the blue Copy button.

copy link

Step 7: Open your Canvas course. There are two options to link the file into your course. The first is to add it directly into a module and the second is to hyperlink it in a content page. Below are the steps listed for both methods.

How to Link the File Directly in a Module

Step 1: In the module, click on the + button.

plus button

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select External URL.

external url

Step 3: Paste the URL we copied earlier into the box provided and name it. Also make sure to check the "Load in a new tab" box.
open link in new tab

How to Hyperlink to the File in a Content Page

Step 1: Click into the content page and click on the Edit button.


Step 2: Type in the text that you want the students to click in order to access the file and highlight that text. Once the text is highlighted, click on the Link icon.

link icon

Step 3: Paste the URL to the file that we copied earlier and click on the Insert Link button.

paste url

Step 4: When you're done editing the document, make sure to hit the green Save button.

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