Duo 2 Step Authentication - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What options do I have for 2-Step Authentication at UWP?

CTS strongly recommends using your smartphone as the device setup for DUO. We also recommend having at least two devices set up, giving you have a backup option if your primary device is forgotten, broken or lost. Backup devices alleviate the possibility of an emergency when traveling or after support hours.

To add one of the options below to your account see: How to Enroll and Authenticate with DUO Mobile

How do I use...

Duo Mobile (Available on iOS and Android):

  • Easiest and fastest way to authenticate. When using this, push notification appears on the device you have Duo Mobile configured on. Upon clicking on it, you may tap 'Approve' or 'Deny' as needed.
  • The DUO push function only works with WiFi / Cell service, however in the DUO app you can see a passcode that will work regardless.
  • SMS/Text is also available if you have configured a smartphone with Duo Mobile (for more info see SMS/Text Message below).

Hardware Token(FOB):

  • Available to all anyone by request. Please call the TechBar at 262-595-2444 
  • To use a FOB, choose the device labeled 'Hardware token', click 'Enter a Passcode', then type in the passcode that appears on your FOB after pressing the button once.  If you would like a fob, please contact the TechBar at 262-595-2444.
  • This device works without any network connection. If the code the fob provides ceases to work, please see this article: DUO - How do I re-sync my fob? 

SMS/Text or Call:

Available on any cell phone or smart phone that can receive text messages (messaging and calling rates may apply depending on your carrier). If you have already set up Duo Mobile on your phone then the SMS/Text message option is already active. Setting up the call/text function is identical to setting up the DUO Mobile app. 

How do I get started with 2-Step Authentication?

Please see this guide: How to Enroll and Authenticate with DUO Mobile 

I would like a FOB (Hardware Token)

Please contact theTech Bar for assistance at 262-595-2444

I forgot or lost my FOB/Phone, what should I do? 

If you have a backup device, you can authenticate with that; otherwise, during support hours by phone or in person the TechBar may be able to issue a Bypass Code which will allow you access to your Duo protected applications. Please note that for security purposes we cannot give bypass codes over email.

Common Duo issues

Please see this guide:  Duo 2 Step Authentication - Common Issues 

Still need help? Please contact the TechBar at 262-595-2444 or email at servicedesk@uwp.edu

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