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Jabber - For Windows Quick Start Guide

The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on Jabber for Windows.

Jabber is use at UW-Parkside for communicating with staff and faculty members, both on and off-campus. Jabber connects with our VoIP system to allow you to use your office phone at home, voicemail included. Additionally, you can chat, organize contacts, and check your appointments in one easy space.


Jabber requires a VPN connection, which is made using GlobalProtect. All on-campus computers come with GlobalProtect installed, but it can also be installed on any PC using these instructions:

Account and Status

1) Account & Status

Clicking on your initials in the top-left corner of the Jabber window will give you a small popup window.

This will show which account is signed in and what your current Status is set to (Available, Away, or Do Not Disturb).  


You can also view your account’s information in My Profile, as well as access Settings or Sign Out of Jabber.

Menu and Settings

  1. 2) Menu & Settings


Clicking the Gear Icon in the top-right corner of the screen will launch the Menu.


The Menu in Jabber allows you to launch standard application funcitons, such as File, View, and Help. You can also Sign Out or launch Settings from this Menu.


Clicking Exit will fully close out Jabber. Simply closing out the window, with the “x” in the top-right corner, will still leave Jabber open in the background and calls will come through.


The Settings window allows you to customize various options about your Jabber experience, including when Jabber opens, how text displays in messages, configuring notifications, and many, many more! I encourage you to explore the various settings to make your Jabber experience fit your preferences.


One of the key points to look into in Settings is Audio. When in this tab, you can adjust your Ringer settings, as well as configure and test your Speaker and Microphone. If you have any difficulty hearing people, being heard, or cannot hear your phone’s ringer – check Audio settings.


  1. 3) Contacts


The contacts tab allows you to search contacts form within UW-Parkside. You can then add contacts to your contact list as well as organize them into groups


  1. 4) Chats


Beginning a chat from within the Contacts window will display in the Chats window. This allows you to communicate with people from your organization via chat, or make a call from within the window.


Note: Shared files will expire and are only temporary


  1. 5) Calls


Similar to Chats, you can make phone calls using the Calls tab. This can be used for numbers inside Parkside (4-digit extensions, too) and off-campus numbers


By clicking the dial pad icon next to the Search or call bar, you will open the Dial Pad, as seen on the left.


To dial someone on-campus, you can simply dial their four-digit extension (for example, 2444 for the TechBar) and click the green phone-shaped call button.


To dial someone off-campus, you will first need to dial 8+1 before the number. The number will need to be in its 10-digit format, beginning with the area code. For example, to dial the TechBar you would dial 812625952444. This uses the same format as phones on campus, if you are familiar with it.


During a phone call, you can use the icons under the initials of who you are talking to mute yourself, press the keypad, forward the call, put the call on hold, mute the call, etc.


After hanging up on a call, it will show up on your list of calls, to the left of the call window. This will document missed calls as well.


  1. 6) Meetings


Any upcoming meetings that you have on your Outlook account will show up in this tab. There are very limited functions at UW-Parkside for Jabber meeting, so this will primarily be used for showing what your schedule for the day is.


  1. 7) Voicemail


Within the Voicemail tab, you can view and listen to all of the voice mail you have on your VoIP account. These will also appear in your e-mail and on your desk phone.



  1. 8) Lines


From the Calls and Voicemail tabs, you will be able to see your available Lines. This is most likely your primary line and any shared lines that you have attached to you in the VoIP system. You can call and receive from these numbers.


  1. 9) Call settings


To the right of the selected phone line, you will see an icon – more than likely a computer monitor. Clicking this will launch your Call settings, which allows you to select a Device for calls.


Selecting the Use my computer option will allow you to receive calls from your computer. If Cisco XXXX is selected, all calls audio will be done through your phone. If you cannot hear or be heard through Jabber, double check this option is not selected.

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