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D2L - Manage Grades

This document shows instructors how to set up their grade books.

Once you've run the Setup Wizard (you can find resources on how to do that here) you will be able to create grade items for your grade book. 

Click on Grades on the green navigation bar.

Navigation Bar

You'll want to make sure you're in the Manage Grades tab. 

Manage Grades tab in the Grades menu.

Then go ahead and click New.

New drop down menu.

Unlike Discussions, you have the option to create Items without creating Categories. Categories just make it easier to organize your grade book. 

New Category menu.

When you click Category you will be taken to the New Category page. First you will be required to give your category a Name

Under the Properties tab you will be able to edit the specific elements of your category. 

Can Exceed - you can check this box if you want grades in the category to be able to exceed the set point total. 

Exclude from Final Grade Calculation - check this box if you want this category to be excluded from the final grade when it is being calculated. 

Under Distribution you will be able to select whether or not you want an equal point total to be distributed across all of your grade items. 

Example: If you have 10 discussions, you can put them all in one category and check the Distribute points across all items box. Next you will set the point total you would like each discussion to receive. That means that every discussion you have in your category will then have the same point total awarded to it. 

You also have the option to edit if you would like any grade items to be dropped from the category. 

You can set Display Options by clicking Show Display Options.

Show Display Options menu under New Category.

Notice that some of the options will be grayed out depending on how you built your Setup Wizard

This is where you can set your Student View

Display class average to users - shows students the average grade received on that grade item. 

Display grade distribution to users - This will show students a graph of the different grades distributed. 

Override display options for this item  - allows students to view this item differently than other grade items in your grade book. 

Once you've set up your Category under the Properties tab, you can move to the Restrictions tab. 

Restrictions tab under New Category.

You do not need to set restrictions, it is just an option that you have. If you do not set any, students will always be able to view this category when they view their grades, as the default is set to Category is always visible. 

Hide this category means that this grade category will not be visible to students.

You can also set a Start Date and End Date so the category is visible to students, but only for a limited amount of time.

The Restrictions tab is also where you will set Release Conditions if you need to. 

Once you are finished creating your category you can either click Save and New to create a new category, or Save and Close to exit the window.

Now we'll talk about creating a new Item for your category. 

The New tab back on the Manage Grades homepage.

Back where it says New you'll want to click Item this time. 

New Item menu under the Manage Grades page.

You'll be taken to the New Item menu. This is where you can select what type of grade item you will be creating. 

Note: For this document we will be using the Numeric option. Depending on which option you pick, what you have the ability to edit might look a little different.

Once you've chosen how your Grade Item Type, you will be taken to the New Item Properties tab. 

This is where you will Name your grade item, and also where you can select the Category you would like the grade item to fit under. You can create a New Category as well by clicking on the [New Category] option to the right of the drop down menu. 

You will also see right at the top it will tell you what type of grade item you are creating; in this case it is a Numeric grade item. 

Next you can adjust your Grading options. 

Grading section of the New Item Properties menu.

Just like the Category, you can now set the Maximum Points allowed on the assignment, and whether or not the point total Can Exceed a certain amount of points. 

Bonus means that the item is counted like an extra credit item. This means that the grade item will not affect the total calculated grade, but will be added at the end once the final grade has been calculated. Students that do not do bonus assignments will receive no negative affect on their grades. 

Again, you will also have the option to Exclude from Final Grade Calculation if you so choose. 

There is only one Grade Scheme to select, and that will be a percentage.

The Properties tab of the New Item is where you will also be able to add a Rubric if you have built one. You can also select Create Rubric in New Window if you want to build a rubric right from the New Item tab. 

After your grading options have been set you can adjust your Display Options.

Display Options tab under the New Item Properties window.

Again, this is similar to the Category setup and will ask you how you want students to be able to view their grades. 

Restrictions tab under New Item.

You can set Restrictions for each individual grade item, just like you can set restrictions for an entire category. This is also where you can adjust your Release Conditions.

The last tab is the Objectives tab. 

Objectives tab under the New Item menu.

If you have created Learning Objectives, this is where you will be able to associate the grade item with the learning objective. 

Once you are finished making your edits, you can hit Save and Close

Manage Grades main page.

Back on the Manage Grades homepage you will see all of your categories and grade items. The categories will be in gray, and the grade items will be in white beneath each category. 

If you would like to edit a particular item or category, simply click on the drop down arrow next to the item you would like to edit. 

You will also see in the chart that it tells you what Type of grade item you have chosen, what the Association is, and the Max. Points available for that assignment. 

To learn how to associate a grade with an item, click here.

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