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D2L - Grades Setup Wizard

This document shows instructors how to run the Setup Wizard in the Grades section of D2L.

To get to the grades Setup Wizard select Grades from the green navigation bar.

Navigation Bar

You will need to make sure you are on the Setup Wizard tab before you can proceed. 

Setup Wizard tab under the Grades menu.

Your default page will look like this: 

Setup Wizard will display default settings.

Click Start to begin creating your Grade Book.

Setup Wizard Step 1 asks you to choose a Grading System.

Your first step is to choose a grading system. 

Weighted means that your grades will be calculated using percentages. 

Points means that your grades will be calculated using point totals. 

Points will be set as the default unless you decide to change it. 

Hit Continue to move to step 2 once you've made your selection.

Step 2 asks if you want to release the final grades to your students.

Step 2 asks you to select how you want the final grades to be released. 

Calculated Final Grade - the score cannot be adjusted without editing the grade item scores in the grade book. 

Adjusted Grade - allows you to adjust grades before releasing them to students. 

Adjusted Final Grade is the automatic default. 

Click Continue

Step 3 asks how you want your grades to be calculated.

Step 3 is to choose how you want your grades to be calculated.

Drop ungraded items - any item without a grade will automatically be dropped and the score will not count towards the final grade.

Treat ungraded items as 0 - items without a grade are treated like a 0 in the grade book. 

Treat ungraded items as 0 is the default option. 

There is also an Auto Update box that will be selected by default unless you decide to deselect it. This means that your grades will automatically be updated as each item is scored.

Click Continue

Step 4 will ask you to choose your default grade scheme.

Step 4 is a little unnecessary because there is only one option available, and that is the default option. The Setup Wizard asks how you would like the grades to be organized. Percentage is the only option and will be selected already. 

Click Continue to move forward. 

Step 5 asks how you would like your decimals to be displayed.

Step 5 will ask how you would like your decimals to be displayed in your grade book. The default option is 2 decimal places, but you can select any number between 0-5 places. 

Click Continue

Step 6 is where you set up how you want your grades to appear to students.

Step 6 is where you will adjust how your grades are displayed to students. 

Points Grade will be selected automatically, and indicates that your students will view their grade in point format.

Grade scheme symbol and Grade scheme color are less important. If you check those boxes, you can further edit how your grades are shown to students. Colors can correspond with specific grades and so on.

Decimals Displayed is again where you can edit how many decimal points will be displayed to students.

Characters Displayed tells you how many characters will be displayed in the text box.

Final Grade Calculation is checked automatically. It means that students can see how their final grade was calculated when they go into the student view of the Grades tool. 

Click Continue

Step 7 of the Setup Wizard is the Grades Setup Summary which gives you a recap of every option you've chosen for your grade book.

Step 7 is the summary of everything you've chosen for your grade book. You can select Go Back at any time during the setup process to edit your options. 

Once you are satisfied with your grade book, click Finish.

Setup Wizard will now ask you if you want to start building the contents of your grade book.

After you've completed the Setup Wizard you will have different Grade Options for creating your grade book. 

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