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D2L - ePortfolio

This document explains what ePortfolio is on D2L, and how to use it.

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a collection of electronic artifacts that you have produced over time. An artifact is a file that you have stored on your D2L that indicates your growth as a learner. Examples of artifacts include things like papers you have written and PowerPoints you have presented. To learn more about adding Artifacts to D2L, click here.

Getting Started:

1. Log into D2L

2. Since ePortfolios are not course-specific, the ePortfolio tool can be found by going to the Student drop down menu on the homepage of D2L, or by going to My Tools from a specific course. 

Green Navigation Bar

Students Menu


My Tools menu

3. Select New Presentation to begin a new ePortfolio. New Collection helps you organize your thoughts and ideas.

D2L ePortfolio page

Creating and Editing Your Presentation:

You can either create new presentations or edit older ones by selecting Edit in the file's dropdown menu. 

ePortfolio Dropdown menu

There are multiple ways to customize your presentation and make it your own. 

1. Properties 

ePortfolio Properties tab

The Properties tab is where you can name and edit the details of your ePortfolio

2. Content/Layout

ePortfolio Content/Layout tab

The Content/Layout tab is where you'll actually construct your ePortfolio. This is where you can build pages and edit the content of your presentation. We'll get into that more later. 

3. Banner

ePortfolio Banner tab

The Banner tab is where can you edit the heading of your presentation. Whatever you place in the Banner tab will appear on every page of your ePortfolio

4. Theme

ePortfolio Theme tab

The Theme tab is where you can edit the appearance of your presentation. There are themes ready-made for you to choose from, or you can personalize them even further. 

Uploading Portfolio Content:

Before you can add items to your ePortfolio, they first must be added into D2L as Artifacts. To learn more about adding Artifacts in D2L, click here.

1. Once you have artifacts uploaded to My Items, you are able to add them to your ePortfolio

2. To add content to your presentation, go back to your ePortfolio and choose Edit

3. On the page you want to add your item to, select Add Component. This is where you can upload your artifact.  

Content/Layout tab on ePortfolio

Note: Depending on the theme you choose, your layout might look different. 

Building Your ePortfolio:

Now that you understand how each tab functions and how to upload Artifacts to your portfolio, we'll go over how to edit the actual pages in your portfolio. Pages help you navigate between topics and organize your content. Content Area 1 is the main area of your presentation. Think of Content Area 2 as being your navigation bar or your menu. 

1. To add a New Page to your presentation, select the piece of paper with a plus sign icon. That will create a new page. 

Add a new page to your presentation

2. Give the page a name and you'll see it appear under your Pages list.

A new page has been added to the list

3. You can rearrange the order of your pages using the green arrows.

Reorder pages using the green arrows

That's the Content side of the tab. If you want to adjust the Layout, you have the option to do that, too. Layout can be adjusted using the Edit Presentation Navigation and Edit Page Layout tabs. 

The Content/Layout tab will reflect your updated changes.

Edit Presentation Navigation lets you arrange the navigation of your presentation. 

Edit Presentation Navigation tab

Edit Page Layout lets you choose if you want one content area or two. 

Edit Page Layout tab

If you ever want to preview your presentation, select View Presentation at the top of the page. It will open up a new window with your current project. 

View Presentation

Submitting your ePortfolio using Dropbox:

1. In your course, open the assignment folder that you'll be submitting your portfolio to.

Dropbox window

2. Select Add File.

Dropbox Submission Window

3. Choose ePortfolio.

Dropbox Upload Menu

4. Select the presentation you want to upload.

Select the portfolio you want to upload

5. Hit the Select button and then click Submit to finalize your submission.

Note: You do not have to share your ePortfolio in order to submit it to the dropbox.

Sharing your ePortfolio:

1. To share your ePortfolio with others, start by going to ePortfolio and selecting Sharing Groups

ePortfolio main page

2. Click on New Sharing Group and name the group.

New Sharing Groups Button

3. Click the Save and Close button.

4. Open the new group by clicking on it.

New Sharing Group creation

5. Under Sharing Group Members, click on the Add Users button. 

Add Users button under the Sharing Group Members tab

6. Click on the Courses tab. 

Courses Tab

7. Select the course you want to share your ePortfolio with. 

8. Assign the desired permissions.

Note: The default permissions are set to View, See comments from others, and Add comments. 

9. Click on the Add button.

10. Click on the Save and Close button. 

11. Go back to the ePortfolio link.

Sharing Groups Tab

12. Go to your ePortfolio's drop down menu and click Share.

Drop down menu - share

13. Select the Add Users and Groups button.

Add Users and Groups button

14. Go to the Sharing Groups tab.

Sharing Groups Tab

15. Choose the group you want to share with.

16. Click on the Share button. 

17. Hit the Close button. Your presentation will be shared. 


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