Qualtrics - Create a Survey

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a survey using Qualtrics.

After you've logged into Qualtrics, you will see a green button that says Create Project. When you click the tab, you will be given options for how to begin building your survey.

create project screen

In this dialog, you can choose to create your new project from scratch, or by using an existing survey or template. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be choosing Blank Survey Project.

create project options dialogue

Next, you will be prompted to name your new project.

name project dialog

You will be then enter the new project, where you can begin building.

initial survey screen for new project

When you initially create a project, the Guide Panel (#1) is visible by default. This built-in tool can help direct you through some of the basic steps in getting your survey created and distributed.

To begin building your survey, simply click on Create a New Question (#2). This will add more questions to your survey that you can then modify. You can also click on the dropdown arrow next to the button to create specific question types.

list of different qualtrics question types

To edit the question text and options, simply on the question options or the question text itself.

editing question text

editing answer text

Along the right side of the survey, you will find a panel of settings, options, and actions. The first of these is Change Question Type. By selecting this, you can change the current question to a different type, without having to re-enter the question text or options. This menu is identical to the more detailed dropdown on the Create a New Question button.

Also, note that for each basic question type, there are a number of sub-types that can be chosen from. By hovering your mouse over any of these, you will be shown a sample question using that format.

sample question popup

Below this in the right-hand panel, you will find a number of settings to adjust the question. These will be dependent upon the type of question, but includes things like number of choices/statements, whether the question is single answer or multiple answer, or general options for the question layout.

Below this, you will find Validation Options and Validation Type.

validation options

Validation Options can determine whether a question is required or not for the survey to proceed.
Validation Type will vary with question type, but can specify things like minimum/maximum number of answers, restrict answers to a numeric range, or require that a valid e-mail address or phone number be typed in.

The final section of the panel is Actions

actions section

Add Page Break allows you to create separate pages in your survey.
Add Display Logic gives you the option to edit your survey so only certain questions or choices are displayed.
Add Skip Logic allows you to let people taking your survey skip questions if they don't meet the proper criteria. 
Copy Question makes a duplicate of an existing question.
Move Question lets you change the order of your questions.
Add Note lets you add a note to a question. This can be useful when collaborating with others on a survey.
Preview Question opens the question in a new window so you can see what it will look like in the actual survey. 

You can continue adding new questions until you are satisfied.

Deleting questions from your survey is also easy. All you have to do is select the red minus button to remove the question. 

remove question button

When your survey is to your liking, you can then Publish it and begin distributing the survey. From this point on, future edits will not be reflected in the live survey until it is re-published.

activate survey

For instructions on how to distribute your survey, see the KB document "Qualtrics - Reviewing and Distributing".

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