Help Desk - Wireless Solutions

UW-Parkside Wireless Solutions

UW-Parkside is proud to offer free access to its extensive wireless network to all students. All you need is a valid UW-Parkside Net-ID and a wireless enabled device. Wireless network access is available in many of the buildings, as well as outdoor areas. This wireless connectivity enables flexibility for accessing the Internet and other Online applications.

Accessing the UW-Parkside Wi-Fi network can be a simple process. UW-Parkside offers six service options for connecting to wireless on campus:

eduroam - "Preferred Method"
Secure worldwide federated network access to local wireless service at participating eduroam institutions.  Using this method will provide you with a continuous authenticated method. Just log in (authenticate) one time and connection is automatic.

UW-P Wireless authenticated access
High speed, secure wireless network for UW-Parkside faculty, staff and students.  This method you will need to periodically log in to authenticate on campus.  This is not a static method.

UW-Parkside Visitors and Guests
Secure high speed wireless Web access for sponsored visitors and guests

Secure wireless in the Residence Halls

VPN access for Faculty and staff

Citrix access for Faculty and staff

Be sure to set up your personal devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets today.