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How to uninstall Cisco WebEx

Follow these instructions below to uninstall WebEx if it is still on your computer:

Using the 'Add or Remove programs' dialogue:

Click on the search (magnifying glass) icon on the bottom left hand corner of your screen, or hit ⊞win + S on your keyboard. This will bring up the search dialogue. Type in "add or remove programs" without the quotation marks and click the first result as shown below:

Windows search dialogue - add or remove programs

Next, in the following dialogue, type in "Webex" in the search box as shown. Then, Click on WebEx, then click on uninstall. Additionally, the productivity tools can also be uninstalled as well if they are present.

Add or remove programs - WebEx search

From here, Cisco Webex should be uninstalled. If you run into any issues please contact the TechBar by phone at 262-595-2444 or by email at

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