Alemba Service Manager (ASM)

Campus Technology services has joined UW-System using Alemba Service Manager (ASM) for their client ticketing solution.
On Monday, February 28, 2022 CTS will transition from our current ticketing system (Footprints) to Alemba Service Manager (ASM).
The transition will not affect the way in which users currently contact the Tech Bar, however UW-Parkside users can expect to see a few format changes to the ticketing system email notifications.

What to expect when a Call (ticket) is created

Email Notifications

Note: All "Call" email notifications will come from rather than CTS Service Desk.

Call "Received"

This is an example of the email notification that clients will receive when a call is first created. 
After the analyst has responded, the client will then receive an email with the response in the body of that email. The client will respond to the analyst in the area above where it says “---Do not write below this line---“. 

[Example of a Call Received email notification]
Example of an Alemba "Call Recieved" Email Notification

Call "Resolved"

Once the client and analyst have reached a solution, the client will receive an email confirming that the ticket has been resolved. 
Note: Once a ticket has been resolved, the ticketing system will automatically close the call after 5 days
If the client feels that the issue has not been resolved, they are able to respond to the closing email explaining that the original incident has not been resolved.

[Example of a Call Resolved email notification]

Example image of an Alemba "Call Resolved" Email Notification

Call "Reminder"

When the analyst adds information to a resolved call and the call "status" is set to await customer response, this will trigger a series of 3 user feedback requests or Call Reminders

[Example of a Call Reminder email notification][
Example of an Alemba "Reminder" Email Notification

Call "Closed"

When a resolved call status is set to await customer response and the user does not respond within 7 days, ASM will automatically close the call due to inactivity. 

[Example of a Call Closed email notification]
Example image of an Alemba "Call Closed" Email Notification

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