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Extending Student Time and Granting Additional Attempts on a Canvas Quiz

This page shows the possible steps required for extending a student's time on a Canvas quiz and for granting them additional quiz attempts. Your quiz settings will determine which steps are necessary.
The steps required for granting additional time or attempts on a quiz will depend on what time constraint settings you used. To learn more about the four time constraint settings, visit this Knowledgebase page.

Giving Students Additional Time or Attempts on a Quiz
Both of these options can be found in the same location. This time extension is only necessary if you are using the Time Limit setting on your quiz. It does not affect the quiz due date or availability period.
  • Go to your quiz and click Moderate This Quiz on the upper-right. NOTE: This option only appears after the quiz is published.
    • For the New Quizzes tool, the Moderate tab can be found in the Build page of the quiz.
  • Locate the student's name on the new page and click the pencil icon to the right of their name. 

  • Enter in any additional time or quiz attempts that the student requires. These values you enter will be given in addition to the existing quiz settings.
    • NOTE: The additional time will only be applied to future quiz attempts. If a student has already begun their quiz, then the additional time will not be applied to their current quiz attempt.

    • If the quiz's Due Date or Availability date have already expired, you can enable the Manually unlock the quiz for next attempt option. This makes it so the student's next quiz attempt can be used regardless of the assignment's availability or due date status.
  • Click Save on the bottom of this pane to apply your changes. Repeat this process for any students who require it.

Extending the Due Date and Availability Period
These steps are primarily used to modify quiz availability as a whole or to reopen the quiz for larger groups of students. If you need to reopen a quiz for a small number of students after the quiz availability period has passed, use the Manually unlock the quiz for next attempt option as detailed above.
  • Go to your quiz and click the Edit button on the upper-right.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the quiz settings page and locate the Assign box. Click the +Add bar on the bottom of the assign box to create a second set of dates for the quiz.

  • In the Assign To field, enter in the name of the student(s), section, or group that requires an alternative date setting. Then enter in their new Available Until and Due Date in the corresponding boxes below. These steps can be repeated if you need to set differing extensions for numerous students.
    • NOTE: You can leave the Available From date blank if you want the students to have immediate access to the quiz after saving your changes.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page to apply your changes

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