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Navigate - Filing a Progress Report Campaign from Email

This document will walk users through responding to a progress report campaign in Navigate through email.

If you are asked to fill out a Progress Report Campaign for a particular student or group of students, you will receive an email from Navigate.

Note: You only have to provide feedback on students you have concerns about by clicking "Yes" when prompted. You do not have to click "No" for individual students you are not providing feedback on. This shortens the process significantly.

This email will likely come from Neil Baumgartner's email address on behalf of Navigate, and the email's subject line will include something about requesting feedback on students. Below is an example of an email you might be sent:

Example email from Navigate requesting feedback on students.

Note: you can also access the progress report forms by logging into Navigate directly and clicking the "Fill Out Progress Reports" button at the top of the Professor Home tab

The email will give you details on how to provide feedback via Navigate progress reports, including that you should check "Yes" if you have feedback about a particular student, and that it's helpful to provide additional comments beyond the selected options so advisors have a clear picture as to why students may need assistance. In the email you would see a hyperlink directly to the Navigate Student Feedback site. You can either click on that link directly, or highlight the Navigate URL at the bottom of the email to paste into your browser.

The Student Feedback portal will open and you will see a list of all of the students enrolled in each particular class. With each student, you will have the option to select whether or not you have feedback to provide on that particular student, what the alert reason is (which is required if you've selected "Yes" to having feedback), the student's estimated grade in the course, and any additional comments that provide context about the particular student's feedback. 

Student Feedback portal in Navigate

 If you do have feedback about a particular student, you'll need to select "Yes" and then enter the reason(s) for the alert. You can select as many reasons as necessary from the drop down menu:

Student Feedback page with "reasons for concern" filled in

Providing an estimated grade in the course is option, but it's important to provide additional comments regarding the reason(s) for concern so the advising team can provide as much assistance as possible to the student(s) in question:

Completely filled in Progress Report for a specific student

When you're done filling out progress reports for the necessary students, you'll have two options at the bottom of the page. The first option says Submit only marked students (but I'm not done) which means only the students that you've filled out progress reports for will be submitted. The second option says Submit unmarked students as "No Feedback" (I'm all done) which means all of your reports will be submitted at once, and those with no feedback filled out will have a "no feedback" designation on their report:

Submission options for student progress reports.

Whichever option you select, you'll be prompted once more to officially submit the report(s). Once you verify your submission(s), you'll receive the notice that you've completed your Student Feedback. You can either close the window to exit Navigate, or click Go Home to return to the Professor Home tab on the Navigate home page.

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