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Working Around Respondus LockDown Browser Hardware Limitations

This page shows how to manually work around Respondus LockDown Browser limitations for Chromebooks. This process involves setting up a duplicate of the quiz assignment and modifying your gradebook for the affected students.

If you have individual students who cannot access the Respondus LockDown Browser and/or Webcam Monitoring, the three easiest solutions are to use Honorlock instead of Respondus Lockdown Browser, see if the affected student(s) can find a different computer to take their quizzes on, or to not utilize proctoring on your quiz assignment. You can learn more about Respondus vs Honorlock and what they do at this Knowledgebase page. However, if you do not wish to fully switch your course's proctoring tool to Honorlock, then you can manually create new copies of your proctored quizzes for the affected students. This involves duplicating the quizzes, swapping out the proctoring tool on the duplicates, and making sure that your students are only assigned to the appropriate copies of the quizzes. 

November 2020 Update: Respondus is in the process of making the Lockdown Browser compatible with Chromebooks. However, this function is currently in beta and therefore Chromebooks & Respondus Lockdown Browser are still incompatible for the UW System at this time.

Step 1 - Set Up the Duplicate Quiz

  • Duplicate The Quiz - Click here to view the Knowledgebase page that shows how to duplicate a quiz assignment within a course. The copy will appear on your Quizzes page when it finishes copying.

  • Edit The Duplicate Quiz's Settings - Locate the duplicate version of the quiz in your course and Edit the settings. You can identify that you opened the duplicate copy if the assignment group is set to Imported Assignments instead of whatever you set for the original quiz.
    • Update the Quiz Title - Quizzes with Respondus enabled should have "- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser" added at the end of the title. Delete that section of the title so you can differentiate between the two versions.

    • Update the Assignment Group - The quiz duplicate will be categorized as an Imported Assignment in your gradebook by default. Update this to be in the same assignment category as the original version of the quiz.

    • Assign the Duplicate to Only the Affected Students - At the bottom of the quiz settings is the Assign/Due Date box. Click the X next to the word Everyone so that this duplicate won't be assigned to the entire class. Instead, enter the names of the students who need to take this version of the quiz instead of the Respondus-enabled version.

    • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes

  • Turn off LockDown Browser for the Duplicated Quiz - Go to the Respondus LockDown Browser tab from your course's navigation links.

    • Locate your duplicated quiz on the list of course quizzes. Click the arrow to the left of it and open the Settings. Respondus should indicate that there is an error to the right of the duplicate because you deleted the "- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser" title extension.

    • Select the "Don't require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam" option at the top of the settings. Click Save + Close to apply this update.

Step 2 - Excuse the Affected Student(s) from the Original Quiz

The new quiz is only assigned to the affected students, so the rest of the class won't be able to see it. Now you need to excuse the affected students from the original copy so they don't get negatively affected by missing the original quiz. These affected students will still see that the original quiz exists, but they will not be able to attempt the quiz and the grade on their Grades page will be listed as "EX".
  • Open the Grades page in your course

  • Locate the original Respondus-enabled quiz column in your gradebook and click on the gradebook cell for the affected student(s)

  • Double-click the empty points box in this cell, type in EX, and hit enter, OR...

  • Click the arrow icon to the right side of the grading cell to open a pop-out menu

  • Select the Excused option

    Step 3 - Activate Honorlock for the Affected Students (Classic Quizzes only)

You can activate the Honorlock tool in the same way that you activate or modify your Respondus Lockdown Browser options, except you'd activate it through the Honorlock tab instead of the Respondus tab in your course. If you do not see the Honorlock tab on your course's left navigation bar, please email to have it activated. Please include the course name & semester in your email.

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