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What is the KnowledgeBase?

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The KnowledgeBase is a system for documenting and maintaining information for staff and students.

What is the KnowledgeBase?

The KnowledgeBase is a system for documenting and maintaining information for your staff and customers. The KnowledgeBase is made up of many documents containing a wide variety of information.

Manage Your KnowledgeBase

The KnowledgeBase allows you to preserve, share, collaborate, and improve.

  • Preserve: Document the knowledge essential to your operations.
  • Share: Each partner site can share documentation with other partner sites.
  • Collaborate: Work with authors, partners, and your customers to improve your documentation.
  • Improve: Once you have captured your knowledge, you can begin to improve your processes.

Some examples of the type of information a KnowledgeBase document could contain are:

  • Employee Policies
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Technical Information
  • Customer Information

The KnowledgeBase can help you:

  • Communicate information to customers
  • Consolidate scattered content
  • Reduce training time for new staff
  • Prevent knowledge loss

How does it work?

  • The KnowledgeBase is a web-based tool for managing your knowledge
  • Each partner site has ability to control access to their content
  • Document authors are automatically notified of aging documentation, which helps to keep content fresh
  • Readers can submit vital feedback on your documentation

-- UW Parkside: Hannah Emery

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