Canvas News - Manage Course Templates permission added to the Institutional Admin role.

Posted: 15:26:13, Friday, Jul 29, 2022   Expiration: 15:26:13, Friday, Sep 30, 2022  

On 07/26/2022, the University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas made two changes to allow campus Canvas administrators greater ability to manage Canvas course templates:

  1. The Manage Course Templates permission was added to the Institutional Admin role
  2. A new Course Template Admin role was created with the Account-level settings - manage and Manage Course Templates permissions.

The stated goal of the original change request is to allow campus departments greater ability to pre-populate courses with information such as sample syllabi or college/program information. Course templates may have other benefits. These changes do not imply permission to alter course home page or course navigation elements which are locked at the UW System-level to ensure a consistent student experience.

-- UW Parkside: Linda Wawiorka

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