CTS Announcement: Scheduled WebEx Decommission

Posted: 12:54:15, Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022   Expiration: 12:54:15, Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022  

As of Wednesday,  August 17, 2022, UW-Parkside will no longer support WebEx as a site-hosted web conferencing tool.

Upon decommission, all UWP users will have limited WebEx functionality.  After the switch, users can continue to join WebEx meetings hosted by external groups but should no longer attempt to host their own WebEx meetings using their UWP credentials.

 Moving forward, we recommend that you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams for web conferencing.

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Questions and/or concerns should be directed to the Tech Bar at 262-595-2444 or email servicedesk@uwp.edu.


-- UW Parkside: Linda Wawiorka

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