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Help Desk - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Rotation Fix

Used to fix an issue related to Microsoft Surface Pro 3's not rotating when the rotation lock is off.

There is an issue regarding Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 in which the driver responsible for installing the motion sensor driver is corrupt. The following instructions will describe how to reinstall the driver, fixing the problem.

Before continuing, check to see if the rotation lock is enabled. This can be found pressing the ‘Windows’ and ‘A’ keys together, then clicking expand in the newly opened menu. Remove the tablet from the keyboard and check to see if the “rotation-lock” setting is disabled. If enabled, disable the setting by tapping it then attempt to rotate the screen.

If the “rotation-lock” setting is disabled, do the following:

Tap the ‘Windows’ key to open the start menu, then type in “Device Manager” without the quotations
Device Manager

Open the “System Devices” drop-down menu
System Devices Highlighted

Right click “Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller – 9C61” and select “Uninstall Device”
Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller – 9C61 Highlighted

After the driver is uninstalled, click on the “Scan for Hardware Changes” at the top of the window; it’s the button with a magnifying glass over a monitor
Search For Hardware Changes Highlighted

Wait until the “Sensor” device category appears on the main Device Manager window

Remove the tablet from the keyboard and ensure that the auto-rotation feature is now functioning properly

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