Parkside Academic Resource Center: TutorTrac

How to use TutorTrac to Schedule an appointment with a tutor

  1. From a device on the campus network, type in into your browser's address bar. When the TutorTrac screen comes up, log in with your UWP username and password. Afterwards, you can click the Search Availabilities option to the left.

    Note: It will be good to have your course and any work schedules readily available as a reference to schedule around when you reach the point of selecting an appointment time.
  2. The new screen will have several field options. First, choose the most appropriate center. The options are between the Writing Center and the Tutoring Center, as they are the only locations that accept appointments.
    1. Choose the Writing Center if you'd like a guided consultation for a paper or other written project-you can be anywhere in the process from gathering ideas to tweaking your third draft into perfection.
    2. Choose the Tutoring Center if you would like a guided consultation for specific content/methods in a specific course (examples: Chapter 4 in BIOS 101 or study tips for Professor Khan's ECON 121 final).
    3. Choose the Tutoring Center if you would like a guided conversation to practice speaking conversational English (international students only).
  3. Depending on which Center you choose, this step will vary.
    1. If you chose Tutoring Center for english conversation, then use the Reason drop down menu to select Conversation, leaving your course section blank.
    2. If you chose the Writing Center for a written assignment, then use the Reason drop down menu to select Paper Consultation, leaving your course section blank.
    3. If you chose the Tutoring Center for specific course content, then use the Section drop down menu to select a specific course from your class schedule.

      Note: Each general subject tutor has a select number of courses about which they are cleared to consult. You must choose a course in order to receive appointment options for only those tutors that are qualified for your course. Otherwise, you risk scheduling an appointment that won't be useful or relevant.
  4. [You Can Skip This Step!] If you want to narrow the search (to customize the number of days, the time of day, or the actual days themselves before hitting search), use the extra options on this page:
    1. If you want a smaller range of days (for example: only the next four days), use the From:/To: date range selector to narrow the search.
    2. If you want to find available times only for a certain range of day (examples: morning hours, only noon-time appointments, or between 1:00 and 4:00), move the markers on the Time line left and right.
    3. If you want to find available times for only specific days (examples: MTW, TR, or just F), then click/unclick the abbreviations in the Day area to so that only the days of the week you want are highlighted in green.
  5. If you do nothing else after selecting your course/reason in Step 3 before hitting Search at the bottom, the system will pull up any and all open appointment availabilities in the next two weeks on the right side of the screen.
  6. Did your search pull up availabilities?
    1. No? Here are some common explanations:
      1. You are trying to find an appointment for fewer than 24 hours in advance.
      2. The tutors qualified for your course may already be fully booked for the time range you've selected. Remember, the system provides only open availabilities left in a tutor's schedule. It does not show a tutor's full weekly schedule.
      3. The tutors qualified for your course don't have any appointment times for the time range/or the Center is closed during that time range. If we are closed, please try Net Tutor by logging into D2L.
      4. You are looking for help in a course we don't currently have supported by an on-campus tutor. Please call or email us and give us the course information including academic department, course number, and instructor. We also encourage you to see if the Net Tutor menu options are relevant for you while we look for a tutor.
      5. You accidentally selected a Section (course from your schedule) when you wanted to find availabilities for English Conversation or a writing consultation. Simply redo the form (you may need to refresh the page).
    2. Yes? Excellent. If you haven't previously narrowed your search, make sure to peruse the options carefully before selecting a time. It is easy to click quickly and forget to make sure that you are clicking on a Tuesday at 10:00 versus a Wednesday at 10:00-and the PARC would hate for you to have to cancel and reschedule. Likewise, if you haven't memorized your class and work/obligation schedules, pull them up to double check that you can make the time you are selecting.
  7. Once you have doubled checked your own availability for your desired appointment time, click on the appointment time of your choice. A new smaller Appointment Entry frame should pop up.
  8. Check the accuracy of what you see.
    1. Your name and email address should appear at the top left;
    2. The name of the tutor should appear at the top right.
    3. The Center should be the same one you chose before (Writing Center or Tutoring Center).
    4. What you selected for Reason earlier should be showing in the Reason dropdown selection.
      1. If you left this blank, please fill it in now.
    5. What you selected for Section earlier should now be in the Subject dropdown selection.
    6. The date and time of day should also be plugged in accurately.
  9. Add more information.
    1. Most people will have only indicated Section/Subject or Reason, so one of those areas may be blank. Fill them both in accurately.
      1. If you left Section blank:
        1. for a writing appointment, select the course in which your project was assigned.
        2. for an English Conversation appointment, you can select any course-but remember to always select the same course each time you make an appointment and each time you sign in to the kiosk when arriving for your appointment.
    2. Use the Notes area to say specifically what you hope to cover or consult about in the appointment. Many people put the assignment type or chapter/book section or test number in this area (examples: research argument paper; speech about aeronautical imagination, chapter 3 review on minerals). The PARC encourages you to be as specific as possible, and to use full sentences for clarity when appropriate (for example: This will be my second time in with the paper. I've tried to find and fix the comma splices I'm prone to leave in, and want an extra set of eyes to look over my new conclusion.)
  10. Click the Save button at the bottom. This generates a calendar invitation sent to your UWP email address and the tutor's email address. The Front Desk also gets a copy. You will also be able to see your appointment the next time you log into the TutorTrac scheduling website.
  11. Check your email and accept the calendar invite (this will make it permanent on your calendar and will make sure you receive the reminders and notifications for the appointment).
    1. If you don't receive an automatic appointment invitation, you should assume that the tutor didn't either and won't know to show up to the appointment. Follow up with the Front Desk or try making the appointment again yourself.
      1. We expect that there will be some growing pains with this new system, but are eager to hear about any issues so that we can make the system better. The PARC appreciates your immediate phone calls (262-595-2044) during our regular hours of operation so that we can minimize any technological issues you experience as soon as possible. However, emailing us is also a good option ( Make sure to put TutorTrac in the email subject line!


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