CommonSpot: How to Use the Rich Text Editor

Learn how to use the rich text editor (RTE). The RTE is used for creating and editing the text or content of your webpage. It is very similar to using MS Word. You can copy text into this editor from Word or other similar documents and also webpages.

 -  Click on the Formatted Text Block’s element action icon (gear), and choose Text from the context menu.

Formatted Text Block menu

 -  The Formatted Text Block window contains the Rich Text Editor.

Rich Text Editor

 -  Type or paste content into the editable region of the editor.

o   When pasting content, a Paste Options box will open.  The options will vary slightly depending on the content being pasted.  Note: we recommend using the paste plain option, it cleans up the text a lot better than paste formatted.

§  Paste formatted: insert content from the clipboard preserving formatting. Choose to check or uncheck boxes for removing MS Office mark-up, class and style attributes from html tags and font tags. 

§  Paste plain: insert only plain text, this removes all html mark-up from the pasted content (recommended).

§  Paste code: insert content from the clipboard preserving any text enclosed in the ‘< >’ brackets.  This will allow you to paste sample html code.

o   Make sure all of the ‘remove’ boxes are checked to further clean your pasted input.

Paste Options window

 -  Use the RTE toolbars to format, style and insert content. The toolbar allows you such options as cut, copy, and paste. As well as indent, bold, italicize and make bullet lists. Also, insert images, links and tables. See below for a breakdown of each button available to you.

RTE toolbars

-  Click Save, when edits are complete. 

Check out the How To video:

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