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TechBar - How to take a screen shot on a Windows PC

The purpose of this article is to show you how to take screenshots on your Windows Computer.

There are three primary ways to take a screenshot on Windows:

The PRTSC key

This will copy an image of your screen(s) directly to your clipboard. You can then paste them directly into Word, powerpoint, etc. using CTRL+V

The ⊞Win+PRTSC shortcut

This will save an image of your screen(s) to this folder: C:\Users\[your username]\Pictures\Screenshots\. You can then edit the image, upload it, etc.

The⊞Win+SHIFT+Sshortcut (snip & sketch)

This is the new snipping tool. It can be opened by pressing the above shortcut. From there you can draw a square, a freeform shape, or screenshot a specific window. It will then save to your clipboard where it can be pasted with CTRL+V. If you click the notification that appears after completing the snip, you can save it and edit it. See image below:

Snip & Sketch

Note: the old snipping tool (SnippingTool.exe) will be phased out in the future according to Microsoft. 

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