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SOLAR - How to edit your recognized name

This article contains information on how to view and/or edit your "Recognized" name in SOLAR.

The University of Wisconsin Parkside recognizes the need for some members of the University community to refer to themselves by a name other than that listed on their legal documents. Gender and Pronouns may also be indicated. By allowing individuals to use their recognized name, gender, and pronouns across university platforms/systems (except whereby legal information is required by law or official university policy), the University seeks to serve and include those who may require the following:

  • A middle name;
  • An anglicized name;
  • A nickname;
  • A name which the individual is in the process of legally changing
  • A name that better represents an individual
  • A stage or performance name.

For more information about legal and preferred name, please see =

Please note- the system will not permit the usage of accents or special characters at this time.

How to Edit Your Recognized Name

    1. Login to SOLAR.
    2. Click on the Profile tile located on the Student Homepage

      Screenshot image of the SOLAR Student Homepage with red arrow pointing to the Profile tile

    3. From the left column navigation, click on Personal Details.

      Screenshot image of the SOLAR left column navigation with red box around Personal Details

    4. Click on the (+) sign to add a Recognized Name.

      Screenshot image of the SOLAR Personal Details page with a red arrow pointing the plus sign in the names field

    5. Enter your information via the provided fields.

      Screenshot image of the SOLAR Add Recognized Name pop-up field

      Important to note:
      • You may edit the first name field, and edit/add/remove in the middle name field.
      • Characters are limited to upper and lowercase alphabetical characters, hyphens, and spaces.
      • Your preferred name will appear exactly as you enter it. For instance, if you were to type “RANGERBEAR” in all uppercase letters as your preferred name, campus systems will print your name in all uppercase letters.
      • Your last name will auto-populate. Changes for your last name are not allowed via SOLAR.

    6. Click the Save button when you are finished adding your information. 

  1. Legal/Primary names can only be changed by submitting the following Change of Student Demographic form with the Registrar’s Office:

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