Help Desk - Accessing Office 365 via

This document offers instructions on an alternate way to access the online Office 365 applications, and any of the documents you created and saved through them, in the case that you are unable to normally access it via the Parkside homepage.

If you receive an error when trying to access Office 365 online (through your Parkside email), or if you click on "Office 365" in your email and it does not redirect you to the applications, you may use this alternative pathway to access it:

1.) Make sure you are out of your email completely in all windows and browsers.

2.) Clear all your browsing data, cached data, and save passwords from the beginning of time.

3.) In your browser, go to "".

4.) On that page, you should see: "Already have an account? Sign in". Click on "Sign in".

5.) Enter in your full email address (ie. and hit enter (you don't need to put in your password yet). 

6.) Note: This step might be omitted. Continue to step 7 if it doesn't prompt you to do the following: It may ask you to select either "Work or school account" or "Personal account". Select "Work or school account". 
school account
7.) You should now be re-directed to Parkside's login page. Enter in your email and password. Sign in.

8.) It should now direct you straight to the Office 365 applications page in your email. Below the application icons, you will find your saved, most recently edited documents.

9.) If you have another issue or this does not work, please contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at, (262) 595-2444.