How to Share a Yuja Recording

Yuja has multiple ways to share recordings with others. This page shows which methods to use depending on who all you want to have access to the video.

Option 1 – Publishing to a Canvas Course

*Note: Yuja livestreams are set to be automatically published to its corresponding course unless otherwise requested.

Publishing a Yuja video to a course channel means that all of the students and instructors in that course can access the video on the Yuja page in that Canvas course. Scheduled livestream recordings are set to automatically be published in that course's channel unless it was otherwise stated in the instructor's livestream scheduling request. 

Switch to the My Media tab in Yuja. Locate the video, hover the mouse over it, and click Publish. Choose the channel (the course) you want to publish to to, then click Select to confirm your selection. You can also unpublish videos from this window by clicking the X next to them in the lower section of the window. Alternatively, you can click the unpublish button that appears when you hover the mouse over the video in that course's channel.
Open your Yuja My Media, locate the video, and click Publish on the video thumbnail.

Option 2 – Share to Specific Students or Faculty for Viewing or Co-ownership

Use this method if you only want specific UW-Parkside students or instructors to have access to the video. They will receive a link to the video in their RangerMail Outlook inbox. This link works regardless of whether the video is published to any courses or not. They'll also be able to access the video from their Yuja profile. This can also be done with entire folders of videos at once.

Switch to the My Media tab in Yuja. Locate the video, hover the mouse over it, and click Share. Type in the name of the person you wish to share it with. Use the dropdown menu to determine their level of video access. Your three options are:
  • Read Only: The media may be viewed, but not changed.
  • Edit Access: The media may be viewed or edited, but not deleted.
  • Full Access: The user has all rights, including the ability to delete the media.
Click Share to send the video link to that user. Repeat this step for all users you wish to share the video with. Click Save to save your changes. You can come back to this page and click the X next to their names at the bottom of the window if you wish to revoke their access.

If a user's name doesn't appear in the autocomplete options when you start typing in their name, they'll need to load the Yuja page in a Canvas course before they can be selected. If someone hasn't opened the Yuja page in any of their courses before, they may not appear as a valid option for the Share function.
Go to My Media, hover over the video, and click Share.

Option 3 – Sharing a Universal Link

Anybody with this link will be able to access the video regardless of whether or not the video is published. This method can be used to share the video publicly or with specific members of the general public.

Switch to the My Media tab in Yuja. Locate the video, hover the mouse over it, and click More... to open the full video settings window. Switch to the Links page and copy the Direct Link. Send the link to the person or people that you want to share the video with.
Go to My Media, click More... on the video, switch to the Links tab, and copy the direct link.