How to Join Yuja Livestreams and View Recorded Livestreams

Students can access a course's Yuja livestreams and recorded livestreams by going to the Yuja page in that Canvas course.

Joining a Yuja Livestream

1. Open the Yuja page in your course.

2. Click the notification icon on the upper-right.

3. Click the join livestream link to load the stream in a new tab. The notification and link should appear about 2-3 minutes before the livestream starts.
Click the notification icon to join any ongoing livestreams.

NOTE FOR PHONE & TABLET USERSThe notification icon does not appear on mobile devices, regardless of whether you access Yuja through the Canvas app, Yuja app, or in-browser. As a result of this, mobile users cannot access livestream links on their own at this time. Mobile users will need access to the actual livestream link in order to watch the stream on their phone/tablet. 

Watching a Recorded Yuja Livestream

Open the Yuja page in your Canvas course to see the course's Yuja videos. Locate the livestream recording thumbnail and click play to watch the recorded video.

A vast majority of Yuja livestreams will be published in that course's Yuja folder. Ongoing livestreams will also appear on this page, but you can't view them by clicking on the video thumbnail until after the stream is over and the video finishes processing. Livestreams will normally finish processing within a few minutes of the stream ending.

You can click on the video thumbnails to watch recorded streams, but you'll need to join livestreams through the notifications