1. Classroom Doc Cam Controls
  2. Classroom Media Control Panel Tutorial
  3. Copyrighted Media in Yuja Livestreams
  4. Edge (Windows 10)
  5. Enabling Classroom Webcams for Non-Yuja Livestream Applications
  6. How to Access Horizon VDI in Your Web Browser
  7. How to Clear Cache and Saved Passwords from Every Browser (Windows 10 & MacOS)
  8. How to enable audio and video for web conferencing or live streaming [GRNQ L103]
  9. How to Enroll and Authenticate with DUO Mobile
  10. How to Move Files from the VDI to Your PC Using OneDrive
  11. How to Play Macbook Audio Over Classroom Speakers
  12. Internet Explorer (Windows 10)
  13. New Edge (Windows 10)
  14. Opera (Windows 10)
  15. Safari (Windows 10)
  16. Set Default App for .pdf Files in Windows
  17. UW-P Voicemail: How to access off-campus [Campus login required]
  18. Web Checkout- Returning a Checkout [Campus login required]
  19. WebEx - Adding delegate access in Outlook
  20. WebEx - Meeting Center - Creating and Connecting to a WebEx Meeting
  21. YuJa [Glossary item]
  22. Zoom - How to Sign In to Zoom at UW-Parkside