Remote connecting to your computer (Desktop) on campus

This article provides instructions on how to connect remotely to your desktop computer in your office from off campus.

Asset Tag

  • Click on the Remote Desktop icon on your taskbar if you have it there.
Remote Desktop icon
  • If it is not on your task bar, do a search from the Start button for “Remote”
Remote dekstop menu

  • Launch the Remote Desktop Connection.
Remote desktop 1
  • Type your on-campus computer asset tag number
Remote desktop 2
  • Click on connect
  • You may be prompted to enter your username and password. Unless it has been saved ahead of time.
  • Enter your password and click Ok.
Enter credentials
Connecting to remote asset
  • When you are connected to your on-campus machine you will see a blue connection bar at the top of your screen with your on-campus machine’s asset tag.
Desktop 1

Desktop bottom