VPN - Updating the GlobalProtect Client

The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to update the GlobalProtect VPN client.


Right click on the VPN Globe (Old Version) in your bottom right corner.

vpn globe right click

Click on Connect


You will be prompted to update your version.
Click on "Yes"
new vcersion

You will be prompted when Global Protect is ready to update.
Click on "Yes"

ready to install

This will take a minute or so.

Then you need to change the Portal name that you are connecting to. Proceed to the next step.

Right click on the Globe in your bottom right corner.
Globe in system tray

Click on the portal drop down.
Global Protect Portal

Click on Manage Portals.
Manage portals

Click on the IP address ( in the box.

Click on delete.
Click on delete

Now when you connect to VPN make sure you are connecting to vpn.uwp.edu