Duo 2 Step Authentication - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This article contains important information about DUO.

What options do I have for 2-Step Authentication at UWP? 

Campus Technology Services strongly recommends using your smart phone as the device setup for 2-Step authentication (i.e. FOB and Duo Mobile, FOB and SMS/Text, SMS/Text and Duo Mobile). Having at least two devices setup means you have a backup option if your primary device is forgotten, broken or lost. Backup devices alleviate the possibility of an emergency when traveling or after support hours.

To add one of the options below to your account see Duo - Adding a Device

Duo Mobile: 

Available on iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.

Easiest and fastest way to 2-Step. When using this a notification for approval is sent to the device you have Duo Mobile configured on and you press Approve. 

No WiFi or cellular data, no problem. On your mobile device, simply open Duo Mobile, press the key icon at the end of ________ to get a passcode then enter it on the logon screen that is prompting you (you may need to click "Enter Passcode")

SMS/Text is also available if you have configured a Smartphone with Duo Mobile (for more info see SMS/Text Message below).

Hardware Token (FOB): 

Available to all UWP employees at no cost. 

To use a FOB, choose an authentication device, click Enter a Passcode then type in the passcode that appears on your FOB after pressing the button.  If you need a FOB please contact the Technology Help Desk at x2444.

No WiFi or cellular data, no problem, this device does not require any.

SMS/Text Message: 

Available on any cell phone or smart phone that can receive text messages (there is no fee from UWP to use this, though carrier charges may apply). 

This is a great backup option if you forget/lose your FOB and is nice to have after support hours. It is simple to setup and use and may save you a trip back to campus if you left your FOB at work.

If you have already setup Duo Mobile on your phone then the SMS/Text message option is already setup for you. If you need to setup SMS follow the steps in Duo - Add a Device

To use SMS/Text follow the steps in Duo - Using SMS/Text to Authenticate.

How do I get started with 2-Step Authentication? 

If you are planning on using a Duo Mobile on a smartphone or tablet please use the enrollment link you received via email.

I would like a FOB (Hardware Token)? 

Please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.

What are the Technology Help Desk Hours?

Fall and Spring Semesters

M-Th: 7:45am - 10:00pm
F: 7:45am - 4:30pm

During Breaks
M-F: 7:45am - 4:30pm

Holidays - Closed

I forgot my FOB/Phone what should I do? 

Having a backup authentication device is key. At the top of this article is additional information regarding Duo Mobile and SMS/Text to help reduce the possibility of an emergency, especially after support hours. If you have lost your FOB please make sure to contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance during support hours (see above). 

During support hours the Technology Help Desk may be able to issue a Bypass Code which will allow you access to your Duo protected applications.

I need to reactivate Duo Mobile

I have stopped receiving push notifications on Duo Mobile

I lost my phone 

If you are unable to remove your phone from your devices please contact the Technology Help Desk.

I am running iOS 8 (or lower) and I am not able to install the current version of Duo Mobile from the App Store on my device.

I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Duo Prompt does not display correctly

Still need help? Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 262-595-2444 or email at servicedesk@uwp.edu