PowerPoint - How to Add Songs to a PowerPoint Slide

This document will walk you through how to add songs to slides in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint - How to Add Songs to a PowerPoint Slide

If you'd like to add songs from a CD to a PowerPoint slide, you'll want to download the CD to your iTunes as you would any other CD. While the CD is downloading, create a new folder on your desktop. You will be copying and pasting the songs from iTunes to this folder for easy navigation once you start building the PowerPoint.

Once the folder has been created and the songs have finished downloading, open the folder. Navigate back to iTunes and highlight the songs you want to copy. Right click on the songs and select Copy.

copy song

Navigate back to your folder, right click inside the folder, and select Paste Item.

paste song to folder

Once you've done this for the songs you'd like to add to the PowerPoint, open PowerPoint and create a new presentation (you can also open a previously created presentation). Navigate to the slide you want to add the song to and then click on the Insert tab near the top left of the screen.

insert tab

Now click on the music note icon at the far right of the screen and select Audio from File.

audio from file

This will bring up a window which will allow you to search for the audio file you'd like to add. Navigate to the folder of songs you've created. Highlight the song you want to add and click Insert.

select song

After you've inserted the song, you should see an audio icon on your slide. Feel free to move this icon around the slide to fit your design.

select audio

While you have the audio selected, look towards the top of the screen and click on Start. You can choose between having the song start automatically and the song starting when you click the icon while presenting. Highlight the option that works best for your presentation.

start when clicked

If you've chosen When Clicked, keep in mind that you'll have to click on the big Audio Icon in the middle to start your music when presenting, not the Play button. You'll know that you can click when your courser turns from an arrow to a finger.

start song