VoIP - Deleting all of your Voicemail Messages

This article is to provide instruction on managing your voicemail box and messages.

Go to voicemail.uwp.edu and log in with your username and password Cisco Personal Assistant

voip loggin in to voicemail.uwp.edu

Click ‘Web Inbox’.

voip web inbox

Delete messages from your ‘Inbox’ by clicking the message, then clicking ‘Delete’ (this will need to be done for each message, one at a time).

voip delete messages

Once all desired messages have been deleted, go to the ‘Deleted’ box, then click ‘Empty deleted items’.

voip empty delted items

This will permanently delete all messages that previously were deleted, opening voice mailbox space, stopping any further quota warning emails.  Otherwise, message should delete themselves from the deleted box after 3 days, allowing retrieval of accidentally deleted messages.