VoIP - Conference Now

This article provides instruction on how to use Conference Now for a teleconference for on and off campus attendees.

Hosting and Setting up a Conference Now Teleconference

First Set Up Your Meeting Number, Host PIN #, and an OPTIONAL Attendees Access Code
1. Open a web browser
2. In the URL line type, phone.uwp.edu
3. Log in using your campus credentials

Self Care Portal Login

4.  Click on the General Settings Tab

Click on the General Settings Tab

5.  Navigate to the "Phone Services PIN" Section

Phone Services section

6. New Phone PIN - Enter the teleconference New Phone PIN that you will use as the Host of the teleconference.
7. Confirm New Phone PIN - Enter the New Phone PIN again to confirm it.

8.  Navigate to the "Conference Now" section

General Settings Conference Now Section

9.  Meeting Number - Enter your phone extension number in the Meeting Number field. This is the number you will provide to all of the attendees of the teleconference.  They will need to enter this number when prompted.

10. Attendees Access Code -  OPTIONAL:  If you would like the attendees to enter an access code to join the teleconference, choose a 4 digit numerical access code and enter it in the access code field.  If you do not want the attendees to have to enter an access code, leave this field blank. 

Next - Send out the meeting details
11.  Send the Conference Now phone number 262-595-3535 and the "Meeting Number" to all of your attendees.  If you chose to require your attendees to enter an optional  "Attendees Access Code", please do not forget to send that to the attendees also.

Last - At the time of the teleconference
12.  Dial 3535 on campus to access Conference Now
13. Dial 262-595-3535 from off campus to access Conference Now

What you will hear on the phone:  
Dial the Conference Now Number 595-3535
To join a conference now, please enter the meeting number followed by #
If you are the meeting host, please enter your PIN followed by #
Otherwise press # to continue
OPTIONAL:  (Only if you have set an attendees access code) Please enter the attendee access code followed by #
Once you hear the "On Hold" music, you have successfully joined the Conference Now teleconference and are waiting for the conference to begin.