Help Desk - Updating Your RangerMail Password on Your Apple iOS Device

This article provides instructions on updating your RangerMail password on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) after Changing your campus password. You must also update all of your saved UWP passwords for wifi, and outlook/mail on all devices if you just changed your UWP password or the system will continuously lock you out.

If you use the "Outlook" app:

1.  Tap on the Outlook app and enter your NEW password when prompted.


prompt outlook

You will be prompted twice to enter your NEW password.

If you are not prompted:

1.  Click on Settings on your iPhone

Click on SEttings

2.  Click on Mail

Click on mail

3.  Click on Accounts

Click on Accounts

4.  Click on Exchange

Click on Exchange

5.  Click on Account and key in your new password.

Click on account