Help Desk - Remote Users Resetting Passwords on UW-Parkside owned Laptop

These instructions are for resetting a remote (on a UW-Parkside owned laptop) users password.

CTS Help Desk

Supporting Remote User Password Resets

When a user is off campus in a remote location with their UW-Parkside owned laptop and they need to have their password reset follow these steps:

  • Log on to the machine using the OLD password.
  • If the user has Global Protect VPN installed, have them launch it and connect using their NEW password.
  • If the user does not have Global Protect, direct them to install it.  Refer to the KB Article 44172 or see below FOR Global Protect Installation Instructions

The Global Protect VPN Client will only work on a laptop or PC.  At this time, it does not work on any mobile devices such as an iOS device or android tablet.  It will work on any Windows OS based tablets such as a Windows Surface.

  • To download the client please put the following address into the address bar -
  • Enter your UW-Parkside username and password
  • Click on the appropriate client download for your computer. Mac and Windows 32/64 bit clients are both available.  
  • To find out if your machine is Windows 32/64 bit machine, 
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Right click on Computer
  • Click on properties
  • After the download is complete please install the agent.
  • After the agent is installed the following box will show up on your screen.
  • Please enter your username and password. The portal is Example shown below.
  • Click apply. After you click apply you will get a certificate warning. Currently we are using a 
  • self-signed certificate. Please click on continue.
  • After this the connection will continue and you should be connected.
  • To disconnect please click file/disable on the global protect client.

  • Once the user is connected to Global Protect with their NEW password and have them do CTRL, ALT, DEL and lock the computer.
  • Have the user wait 5 minutes.
  • Have the user log in with the NEW password.
  • Do not forget to remind the user to address all the areas that will be affected by the password reset. 

Some of the areas affected by password reset:
  • eduroam
  • UWP Wireless
  • UW-Parkside RangerMail 
  • Solar
  • D2L
  • HRS