Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Frequently Asked Questions

BBC Ultra FAQ's

Is there a recommended browser? [YES]
Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers, however, Safari, and IE will also work with Ultra.
Ultra Browser Information

Can I create multiple web conferencing sessions? [YES]
Multiple sessions can be created. They can also be created with or without a start/end date. A session without a specified end date will remain open and accessible indefinitely.
How to create multiple sessions from within a D2L course
How to request a public facing session(s) to conduct a webinar or webconference. (Information coming soon!)

Can I invite participants from outside the University? [YES]

Does a participant have the ability to dial into a conference using their phone? [YES]
Up to 25 participants can call into a session from their phone. If the maximum number of participants has been reached additional users are not given a phone number to call.

Can I share content such as an application, presentation, or desktop? [YES]

Can a web conference be recorded? [YES]
How to record an Ultra session

Can a web conference recording be downloaded? [YES]
A conference recording can be downloaded as an MP4.

Is there a maximum attendee limit? [YES] 
Ultra web conferencing sessions are currently limited to 250 participants.