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Office 365 - Common Issues

The purpose of this article is to provide answers to commonly asked questions about Office 365.

O365 Common Issues

1. I can’t sign in.
a. Is the username correct? (it should be their full email address)
b. Are they using the correct password? (they should use their UWP network password or the same password they used for email before
the migration, if they did not access the network).
c. Are they signing in to OWA?
Make sure they are signing in to the correct page: 

2. I’m having Outlook Web Access connection problems.
a. Method 1:  
Sign out and then in to the O365 portal (
b. Method 2:  
Add the following sites to the trusted sites zones in the web browser:Office
1. https://* 
2. https://* 
3. https://*
4. https://* 

Add the following sites to the local intranet zone in the web browser:
1. *
2. *
3. *
4. *

c. Method 3:
Close and re-open all web browsers

d. Method 4:
Sign out of all Microsoft online services
Go to , and then sign out (if you aren't already signed out).

e. Method 5:
Clear Cookies from the browser

3. How do I setup my mobile device to work with Office 365?
a. Information on setting up mobile devices can be found here:  

4. What is the colored box next to peoples names?
a. These colored boxes display an individuals “presence” which reflects their current chat status
A green box indicates the user is signed in and available for chat.
A yellow box indicates the user is signed in, but currently idle or away.
A red box indicates the user is signed in, but currently unavailable.
A white box indicates the user is signed out of chat.

5. Is my email address the same as it was before the move to O365?
a. You will keep your existing email address and password.

6. What is included with O365?
a. Outlook email, calendar, and more
b. OneDrive file storage and sharing
c. Skype instant and video messaging
d. Office Online productivity suite

7. Will I need a new email client?
a. No. If you use Outlook, you must be using Outlook 2007 SP3, 2010 or 2013 (Windows) or Outlook 2011 (Mac). Your email experience after the upgrade to Office 365 will look and feel the same as it did before the upgrade. 

8. I check my mail using my Android/Apple iPhone/iPad mobile device. Will that work with Office 365?
a. Yes. However, you will have to reconfigure your mail application.

9. Will the connection between my computer and the Cloud server be secure?
a. Yes.  The email connection types all support SSL encryption to secure your connection, and the web mail client users https to secure your connection.

10. Can I change the way my name appears in messages I send and in the address book?
a. Any of these changes will need to be done in the local Active Directory and then synced to O365

11. How do I associate a picture with my account?
a. Log into Outlook Web App at 
b. Click the existing avatar picture in the upper right corner, and then select "About me." 
c. Click the blue “Edit profile” button or click the camera icon as you mouse over the existing avatar picture.
d. Click “Upload picture”, browse and select image file and then click “Open”.
e. Click “Upload” to add the picture to your profile.
f. Click “Save all and close” when edits are complete. 

12. How do I change my password?
a. If connected to your local network, you can request a password change through our help desk or you can go to and click the orange “Password Self Service” button.
Password changes for accessing the email system may take 2 – 5 minutes to become active.

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