Help Desk - How to take a screen shot on a PC

The purpose of this article is to show you how to take screen shots on your PC.

There are two ways to take a screen shot on your PC. 

1.) On your keyboard, simultaneously press the shift and print screen button [shift+PrtScn]. On most keyboards, you can find the print screen button in the top right corner of your keyboard.

Once you have pressed [shift+PrtScn], the screen shot will be saved to your clipboard. You will not receive confirmation that it has screen has been captured. Next, open up a program, with a blank document, like Microsoft Word or Paint, and press "paste". The screen shot image will then appear on your blank document. You can next edit the image if you wish, such as cropping it.

2.)  The other way to take a screen shot on your PC is using the program "Snipping Tool". You can pull this up by searching for it in your Start Menu. Once you open up the program, a small Snipping Tool window will open up.

To capture a screen shot, simply click "New".** Your screen will become grayed-out and cross-hairs will appear. Drag the cross-hairs around the area you want to capture. Your image you just captured will then appear in a new window. To save it, click "File", "Saves As..." in the top left corner of the window.

**If you click on the drop down arrow next to the "New" button some other options to take a screen shot will appear, such as:
-Free-form: This setting lets you draw a free-form line, any shape, around the area you want to capture.
-Rectangular Snip: (default) This simply allows you to drag a square around the area you want to capture.
-Window Snip: This allows you to take a screen shot of a particular window you have open. To take the screen shot, click on the Window you want to capture after selecting this capture setting.
-Full-screen Snip: This will capture your entire computer screen.