eduroam - How Do I Configure My Android Device to Connect to eduroam Wireless Network?

The purpose of this document is to instruct users on how to configure an android device to connect to the eduroam wireless network on campus.

Note: These steps or menu items may slightly differ depending on your version of Android OS and any customizations made on your phone by the cellular provider or device manufacturer. If you are having trouble connecting we recommend that you are running the newest available version of Android for your device.

1.    Tap the Home button on your device to return to your device's home screen
2.    Tap the Menu button
3.    Select Settings from the menu
4.    Select Wireless & networks
5.    Select Wi-Fi settings
6.    Select eduroam from the list of available Wi-Fi networks
7.    Select or enter in the following options:

8.    Tap the Connect button

Please note that most Android devices will save your login credentials by default. If you want to remove these stored credentials you can tap and hold the eduroam listing under your list of available Wi-Fi networks and select Forget Network.