SOLAR - Adding & Dropping Classes

This article contains instructions on how to add and/or drop a class using SOLAR

How to Add a Class

To add a class, you can follow the same steps you did when you first registered. Under the Enrollment heading in your menu (Or at the bottom of Solar in the Parkside Self Service Box), find the 'Enrollment: Add Classes' link. 

This should take you to another screen, where you can click on the search tab and you can enter in a course number or search by subject.

Select the term you plan on taking your classes (i.e.Fall 2022-23) as well as the course subject (i.e. English, Criminal Justice, or Biology) and then click the search button which will bring up a list of classes being offered within that subject for your chosen semester/term.

       Image of Solar Add screen

Locate the class you wish to take in this list, then click the small "Select Class" button next to the class status. You'll know a class is open when a green circle appears next to the course. 

       Image of Solar add screen

How to Drop a class

Under the "Enrollment" tab on your left side menu (or found at the bottom in the Parkside Self Service Box), find and click on the "Enrollment: Drop Classes" button > select the semester you wish to drop a class for.

       Image of Solar add screen

For important information regarding fees and  Registration and Drop Classes click here.