Canvas - Course Media and Course Media Settings tools

[The University of Wisconsin System Blackboard Collaborate contract, and the creation of new Collaborate recordings, ended on 06/31/21.]
The University of Wisconsin System has deployed custom "Course Media" and "Course Media Settings" tools to the Digital Learning Environment's Instructional instance of Canvas. These tools allow instructors to manage Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings made within Canvas and exported automatically to Kaltura.

These tools are part of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Media Management Process.

Users enrolled in Teacher or Admin roles (only) will see the following new buttons on the right side of their course home pages on the Instructional instance of Canvas: Course Media and Course Media Settings.

Canvas course homepage from Instructor view with Course Media and Course Media settings highlighted.

Course Media

A Teacher or Admin who clicks Course Media in a Canvas course will see a custom Kaltura "My Media" repository of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings which have been migrated to Kaltura for that specific course. 

Course Media page displaying a standard Kaltura MyMedia page displaying one video.

The instructor can then use the standard Kaltura My Media options to manage the videos in Course Media, as if they were the owner of those videos:

Course Media vs personal My Media

Although they look similar, the Course Media tool doesn't show a user their own Kaltura My Media list (i.e. all of the Kaltura videos they personally own). Instead, Course Media shows the "My Media" for a new Kaltura account created for this specific Canvas course as part of the media migration process. The Course Media account for a course is the designated "Kaltura Owner" of all migrated recordings for that course. 

Course Media accounts in Kaltura follow this naming convention: CourseMedia-[InstanceID]-[CourseID] (ex: CourseMedia-11830-380697).

By default, instructors and admins will have more rights to Course Media within the Course Media tool than they would though their own personal My Media or Kaltura Mediaspace. This is because the Course Media account (above) owns the media in Kaltura, and instructors have Co-Editor and Co-Publisher rights to  Course Media through a specially created Kaltura Group for the course. Co-Editor and Co-Publisher rights include most of the rights of ownership, except for the right to delete media or change owners. This means that if an instructor wants to delete Course Media recordings or change ownership, they should do it through the Course Media tool.

Course Media Kaltura Groups follow this naming convention: CourseMedia-G-[InstanceID]-[CourseID] (ex: CourseMedia-G-11830-380697).

Tip: Because the Course Media account is the Kaltua Owner of these recordings, when an instructor is on their own personal My Media page, they can temporarily filter out Course Media by going to Filters > Media I Own.

Kaltura My Media page with Filters displayed. The "Media I Own" filter is highlighted.

Course Media Settings

Course Media Settings page, with "Do not include group/course media in Kaltura My Media," "Do not copy Blackboard Collaborate recordings to Kaltura Course Media," and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Log.


A Teacher who clicks Course Media Settings will see the following settings:

In both cases, the Course Media Settings only apply to an individual course. If an instructor or admin wants to change the Course Media Settings for multiple courses, they need go to each course and change the settings.

After checking or unchecking one of the settings above, click Update for your settings to take effect.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Log

Course Media Settings will also include a log of which course-related recordings have been migrated or deleted from Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

The log contains the following information:

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